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  1. Hi, just like the title says I got 2 suggestions for the German translation of the traits: 1. Speed Demon is translated to "Geschwindigkeitsdämon", that sounds like somebody google translated it. Just call "Raser" and every German speaking person knows what you mean. 2. Eagle Eyed is called "Luchsaugen" which translates to lynx eyes, which is a German saying, But "Adleraugen" is also a German saying which literally means Eagle Eyes and since the icon is the picture of an eagle I think it would fit better.
  2. Hello, I just wanted to ask if the newer updates will get translated in other languages than English again. Because as as far as I know, the last complete translated build was build 39. Everything that was added later is still only available in English (or at least not in German). For the most part it doesn't bother me to much since my knowledge of the English language is acceptable. Only the not translated mechanics skill books bother me more than they should: https://i.imgur.com/7V5t6qI.png Maybe its my German DNA kicking in, but seeing every book nicely sorted by category and only the mechanics books refusing to group together... that drives me insane.
  3. Hello, I bought the game via Steam and noticed no matter where I install the game, it insists to save the server data on my Windows drive. Since my Windows is installed on a small SSD I'd rather just have the server data in the same folder (or at least SSD) as the installation. Is this possible?
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