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  1. Only windows 10 thing itself "Antimalware Service Executable" Witch did cause some problems in Monster hunter if i remember correctly. It also might be running out of vram. I need to pay attention to task manager stats next time
  2. So i had another freeze and while i were tryinbg to grab a screenshot and such game unfroze after a minute witch happens less than half of the time and zombies got to me. I checked a couple of times and sometimed game does get unfrozen quickly but most of the time 10-30 minutes of wait do nothing. Also i have a weird thing with screenshoting this game: Screenshoots are from a period of time ago, this one were talen after i already got zombified and walked away, the one i tried to catch freeze on was from before i left house logs.zip
  3. I think most of them had water poodles but i am gonna run a test or two with increased rain chance in sandbox
  4. This also were by far the fastest one to happen from launch of the game to freeze. i played another run in more normal style and it didnt crash even agter 5 hours. Will try to post more info as i keep encountering this glitch
  5. Here is one that happened with mods deleted, in this one i saw some red error messages in bottom right witch is unusual. Crash happened not on zombie kill. I recorded entire run if video could help Logs.zip
  6. Ive been having a fairly consitent bug: after fairly long play session game would just freeze very often right after i killed a zombie. Not using any mods, this bug presistent for multiple updates of iwbums. Attached a log file for two crashes in a same day. willing to provide any additional information logs_20-11.zip
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