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  1. Oh yeah, additionally it is kind of weird that I can move like one inch with my character while holding shift to run and that cancels zombies attack animations by staggering them. I also wasn't sure if that was intended either and wanted to ask that/put that out there.
  2. Hello, I hope you are doing well. I read in one of the patches that zombies are fixed in regards to the flopping from one side of their body to the other. However, I am still getting that bug on 41.56. I just wanted to put that out there since it can work against you at times. Also, I was wondering if it was intended for the player character to be able to run through some zombies? There was no way out of a house I was in and I was able to run through two zombies at the door to escape. Is that intended or is that going to be changed soon? I just do not want to develop any bad habits in the long-run. Thank you for your time!
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