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  1. I've been playing on my character for a while now, until I got scratched in the neck, and 2 other places, no bites or anything, just scratches, I didnt have any rags on me so I had to get inside and get some, when I was done bandaging the wounds I went to sleep on a chair, and the next day, neck, and another wound got healed, nothing happened much, I just stayed in the building while waiting for the last wound to heal, when I was able to sleep again I noticed that my character was getting too much stress while sleeping, I shrugged it off thinking its some kind of a bug, the last wound got healed, and then I noticed I started taking damage and got the "queasy" moodle, there were no corpses around me or anything, and there was no infection on any of the wounds, now as I think about it, this might just be a thing I didnt know about project zomboid
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