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  1. @Pandorea no, they are two different words also in other languages. it's a bug that needs fixing
  2. @Pandorea@EnigmaGreyin sandbox mode when you are in the rain for a long time only the word "humid" appears, which I believe refers to warm clothes. in the rain it should give "wet" I've been in the rain the whole time and it didn't look "wet" (sandbox)
  3. but why if I get into a car in a garage it drops to 4 degrees? if you put a car inside a garage with 22 degrees and you go inside the car inside the garage I don't think it can get to 4 degrees with 18 degrees of difference. that's what I don't understand.
  4. the temperature does not work, take a car, go inside a garage and then get inside the car, is it normal that inside the car there are 4 degrees and in the garage 22? garages don't actually have heating and therefore should give lower temperatures but not 22 degrees like at home.
  5. but how do bugs work? because no corrective patches have been released since we are reporting the bugs.
  6. @Pandoreato fix this too, the temperatures are out of order
  7. try it too, it doesn't work you can stay under it for a long time and nothing appears it's buggy
  8. make sure you have hammer nails and planks in main inventory, I have tried and it works without problems,if you have nails inside the box, you need to open the box
  9. there is only one type of fish bait
  10. nope, try to go in the rain and you will see that you do not get wet
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