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  1. In the coming patch a change listed that "Set some traits to be mutually exclusive to remove exploits or illogical combinations: Brave & Agoraphobic/Claustrophobic; Adrenaline Junkie & Agoraphobic/Claustrophobic/Cowardly." is being made, seeing as "Adrenaline Junkie" will have less use not being able to combo it, and it already having less use over time as you put days/kills onto Survivors and they in turn are losing their panick they get faster hence losing your Adrenaline Junkie's trait passive faster. With that being said I suggest with this change it EITHER should option A. have a trait point cost reduction as it's a trait that's on the higher end costing 8 points, to me 8 points for a trait that on its own over time starts to fade or is active less/not always active is ALOT, hell 8 points for a trait(s) that DON'T fade away and are ALWAYS active is still alot but of course worth it, OR B. personally i'd instead like to see the "Adrenaline Junkie & Agoraphobic/Claustrophobic" combo stay in the game rather than Adrenaline Junkie have it's point cost reduced like i suggested or it just end up becoming a niche that doesn't really get much use if no change is made, personally I think trading panicked speed for reduced accuracy, reduced vision, reduced critcal, reduced push/knockdown chance, reduced knockback on melee hits and lastly reduced melee dmg doesn't really seem all that OP or like an exploit to me, sure im fast as hell and can out"walk" all non sprinter zombies while outside but i also struggle more fighting or shooting them then the slowpokes who don't use the combo. I can understand the other change of not being able to pick brave with Agoraphobic/Claustrophobic this isn't really abotu that BUT Adrenaline Junkie WAS BORN for Agoraphobic/Claustrophobic even if that wasn't it's intended use I find it super fun being fast while panicked and hope it stays in the game! Lmk your thoughts. TL;DR: I WANNA GO FAST, PANICKED BUT FAST
  2. A in game radio for cars that had either "made up"/ royalty free songs OR a way for people/producers to pay to promote etc their music once B41 is released and get their songs in game and on the radio would be amazing
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