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  1. ola como estas me uno al clan si me ayudas con los fps cuidate en un futuro crear un clan de project zomboid en español pueda que un server role play bueno me ayudas con los fps y me uno a tu clan tamos bien
  2. hello if there is a person who has a bad pc but who knows how to make the game run well i only ask for help if someone is so good tell me how to upload fps i am looking for help ES:
  3. Hello I am looking for people who recommend me servers project zomboid build 32.6 I am using googler translator is that I have a very bad pc and I cannot play build 41 because I do not have the requirements I am forced to play the old builds and I do not have money to buy the game in stam but I can link my project zomboid with steam I am looking for help ah and a they know spanish
  4. sabes español pase ip del server alguien del grupo que mande ip porfa
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