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  1. My mentality is that you're bound to hurt yourself eventually, and you'd rather be good at healing said damage than not.
  2. Instead of simply limiting your ability to heal some things, I could see there being a failure chance when doing certain actions, like taking out a bullet with tweezers. This system, in my head, could be somewhat based off of RimWorld's (which is, in my opinion, is in the top three medical systems in a game I've ever played), so that a level 1 First Aid would not just take forever to remove a bullet or to heal from the wound, but would have a chance to disturb the wound, causing either some sort of rupture or intense pain.
  3. Well, I think they could do the "layers of clothes" technique, but they'd make you get mighty hot and you couldn't really do much without heating up. I think it is indeed for balance, but in my head canon it is at least because of my previously stated reason
  4. lol look who just woke up a year-old conversation.
  5. I think the reason why zeds can tear through armor like paper is, unlike living humans, they don't have a pain barrier or some sort of mental barrier stopping them from doing certain actions (such as biting or scratching). For example, humans can't bite something to their max potential - the brain stops them from doing this as to not damage teeth or some such. I can only assume that zambies don't have this. So, to sum it up, zeds can bite straight through bulletproof vests because they don't have any sort of strength buffer.
  6. Yeah. If this doesn't become an official feature (not holding it against the devs or anything, they've got more important matters than making it to where you can hit zambies with a stick), I figure a modder will add this.
  7. I agree, and against zambie claws they'd be good. I feel as if they'd simply be a way to fight of hordes without having to do the ever-popular hit-and-run tactic.
  8. Not much to it, but I think it'd be neat to have quarterstaffs. Like irl, they'd have a large AoE so you could hit multiple zambies at once. Perhaps have a wood quarterstaff made of sturdy sticks and then a metal one made from a pipe or some such. Personally, I think it'd be good for dispersion of hordes. As a sidenote, I think they'd also have a good chance to knock zambies down, because, of course, quarterstaffs are supposed to be swung at the legs/head/throat. Thanks for reading.
  9. I don't think snakes would need to have a poison effect. Just like with eating poisonous berries, your pc could start getting sick and feverish. As for hamsters as an added bonus they could decrease boredom and sadness passively while in the same room as them.
  10. Best game music I have ever heard: You got nothing on me
  11. If you look on the map, there's an entire area beyond the river that runs next to Riverside and West Point, and it's all unused. I'm wondering whether that area will ever be used for anything (locations), or if it's never going to be used.
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