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  1. Is there supposed to be a new IWBUMS today? I was about to start a new save but if a new build is about to drop I'll just wait it out. hmmmm I post this and 10 seconds later a new update happens. figures. lol Looking forward to Thursday now!
  2. There is a pretty popular mod in the workshop that allows you to hook a generator to the gas pumps and power them up and get gas out of them after the power goes off. I wouldn't mind having this included into the base game. IMO
  3. All of this is sounding really great! Hey RJ is it possible to make sheets work from the backpack when you are trying to cover up windows? That would be a great little change. I see you can make stuff work from inside first aid kits and make crafting mats work from inside the backpack. Being able to add sheets to windows without having to take them out of the backpack first would also be nice along these kinda lines.
  4. Highlighting the container I have opened or am looting is like such a simple change that just feels soooo good. I love it. Makes looting and organizing so much better.
  5. They need to make an Isometric cyberpunk game in a world were hacking and technology and awesome guns and shamanistic magic exist and it takes place in the future where there is also elves and orcs and dragons. You can level up your character and hack security systems and gain skill points and complete random missions around various towns from mob bosses or conspiracy black op organizations. Anyone else play Shadowrun on Sega Genesis? It was so freaking awesome. I'd love a new Isometric game like that. Yes I know about the new Shadowruns on PC and no I'm not really a fan of the gameplay style. I own them and they just don't pull me in. They just aren't as fun as Shadowrun on Sega was. I would kill for a new game like that.
  6. Add me to the plant life is ok how it is. Building erosion should take a much longer time (if at all) Category. We all know how huge the map already is and how much more larger it is going to become. As I am out exploring the world I wouldn't want 80% of it to be so corrupted and eroded I can't even see what it is or what it used to be. Plant life growing over it is awesome and maybe you could just make some simple textures changes instead for adding rust and dirt ect to buildings but I don't think erosion should straight out destroy the structure. Leave the destruction of buildings to the zombies and players and npcs so the scenes our character comes upon has a story to tell.
  7. I just wanted to comment with a different opinion though about corpse decay. Corpses normally take quite some time to decay in real life. I am very glad they are adding the ability to burn them I have wanted that for years! I don't think however that they should decay so quickly, if at all ( I prefer not at all). Corpses can sometimes tell great stories in certain parts of the cities. Especially once NPC's get kicked into full gear as well. Corpses at the Gas station and such, zombies and players corpses could signify that there was a great fight there or that there is a safe house or a group of players / npcs near by. It could also make for great screenshots. It also brings fond memories sometimes of a battle you had with a horde or whatever as you walk down a street you have walked down a 100 times before. I can't speak for the team but I am assuming these are a lot of the reasons why they do not want corpse decay. Make it a mod maybe or perhaps at an option to enable corpse decay for sandbox mode? Maybe that would work better and keep most happy.
  8. The only GTA I actually enjoyed and completed was Vice City. I personally like and enjoy Watch_Dogs better. Maybe Watch_Dogs is that perfect open world game for people like myself that aren't huge GTA fans. To each their own I suppose but I'm still having a blast with WD. All settings on high or better using a 360 gamepad and all is smooth. PS. To be honest I wish people would stop comparing the game to GTA as it is nothing like GTA other then the fact it is open world and has vehicles to drive. It sure seems like the only people that seem to be hating on this game are those who are disappointed that it's not GTA 6 with hax or something. Can't please everyone I guess.
  9. from who? I don't get that either cause I've been playing the game all week and haven't had a single crash. A lot of people's problems are hardware related I think because they don't really have the hardware required to support the game. Clean those systems out, make sure those video card fans are clean (overheating is a common issue on new gen games). I'm not saying there isn't bugs and everything is perfect, but I just think a lot of the complaining is "user head space" as my old networking teacher used to say.
  10. I'm honestly having a blast playing this game. I think it's great, I don't understand such harsh critics. Just had a "hacker" attack me in my game. Went to the location where he was trying to hack me from and found him by accident because he was tailing me in a car and didn't expect me to just stick it in reverse. Slammed into him and identified him and he turned around to start driving away and I give chase. Five seconds later he dives out of his moving vehicle for whatever reason I'm not sure. Well it wasn't the wisest of moves because I was still in my car behind him and simply mowed him down and it was over, lmao. It was pretty great and adds great suspense to the game cause you never know when a player is inside your game. For a first time game from a new franchise I am really looking forward to see where this goes. It will only improve in time. Don't go into this game thinking oh yay another GTA clone or go into this game nit picking every little detail and just have fun. Enjoy the game for what it is and not for what it isn't. Soak up the content, go slow and take your time and don't rush into things. Walk down the street slowly in a storm listening to the convo's as you go by instead of just holding down the run button to the next mission or fast traveling everywhere.
  11. I'm also on the WatchDogs hype train. I've got the digital deluxe edition pre ordered on steam with the dlc season pass all ready to go for official release Tuesday. It is indeed very awesome, the world is amazing. I will just tell you I honestly think the hype is mostly justified. Amazing atmosphere and environment. Story is a little lite but good. So much to do, so many places to go, details run deep.
  12. C++ engine!!!!!111 OMG THANK YOU EZ (seriously grats man)
  13. Screenshots do not do the game justice, it has some really great atmosphere and if you watch some vids you will maybe see more of that. As a voxel based game (minecraft style) I think it looks just fine, the lighting effects and shadows are great and going to be improved even more. When your sitting out on a balcony that you built yourself staring up at the sun with trees and grass blowing in the wind and with a hundred zombies beating and screaming down below you it just feels awesome. The crafting and inventory ect is all pretty much like minecraft but with a bigger grid space to craft things, so if your not a fan of minecraft's crafting system you may not enjoy it as much. Also remember a lot of Special Effects and Gibs (guts / decapitations ect) are yet to be added into the game (this is the reason the current corpses in the game look weird) and once a lot more of this and a proper weather system gets put in, IMO it is going to be a pretty dang wonderful atmosphere and a joy to play. If you don't like what you see now perhaps wait until more of the effects and such are finished and put in before giving it a shot. FYI the Graphics designer of Doom3 is a part of the team that makes this game and if you do not think he knows what he is doing you are wrong. Also the streach goals on kickstarter were all reached and if you look at the chart the 500k goal was major world terrain enhancement and cubic landscapes are going to become smooth terrain so trust me when I say it is only going to get better from here. Just needs more time and more updates.
  14. Anyone on this forum that knows me will know I have a great dedication towards Project Zomboid, That doesn't mean I can't think that other zombie survival games kick butt. I do run a survival game website after all hehe 7DTD is great! PZ is great! It's ok to like more than one.
  15. 7 Days to Die kicks ass! I love it! I've bought it and my best friend and wife also own it. We are on day 34 on our server but we are starting over soon when next update hits. This game is like mixing minecraft with Left4Dead and Borderlands (eventually when rpg stuff gets put in). I am having a blast with it and can't wait for more updates. Best Alpha I've ever played to be honest. Plays very well and smooth for what it is so far. Just needs more Content/updates. <edit> also the game has 3rd person mode though it is currently glitchy, once that gets worked out will be 1st or 3rd person. which is awesome cause I like both and in different situations it is fun having both styles. <edit2> also the zombies won't always auto find you and come for you, thats currently just a thing in the first alpha build, once sneaking and such gets put in zombies will go by sound/sight/ lights/ect in future update.
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