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  1. I really feel they are bs'ing me. I did a tracert on the IP of my server as well as the incorrect IP assigned in the games public list and the routes are the same up to the end point. Furthermore putting the 'bad' ip into a web browser takes you to nitrado. Their solution is to follow their steam setup guide but im doing this in stand alone mode (friends don't have steam) which nitrado has config setting in their web panel to play public & non-steam. I'm just looking for more insight on what happens in the background when the server side game client is started because I feel like they aren't going to do anything about it unless I lay it out for them. I've communicated all the same troubleshooting in my tickets to them.
  2. Hello all, I setup a server through Nitrado non-steam and my server shows up in the public internet list but the IP address is incorrect so no one can connect through it. Modifying the IP manually in the game client does allow us all to join. I put in a ticket to Nitrado but they said they have no control over the IP address in the game client. So I guess my question is, are they BS'ing me or has anyone had a similar issue they were able to fix?
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