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  1. I think I found the problem. I checked the cpu values during the sleep action and there is a noticeable cpu usage increase. I noticed that my computer shuts down when the cpu usage gets too high. I checked my charger and found out that it had insufficient electricity. When I started using a new charger, I started not encountering the problem. Thanks for help.
  2. I'm using a laptop, I don't think it's a connection problem. If I experience a shutdown again, I will send the log files.
  3. I just started the game. I like the game. But i have a problem. When I gave the command to sleep to the game character, the computer shut down. I've only met twice. It doesn't happen every time I give a sleep command, sometimes it happens. There was no error log in game files in crashes.İm not using a mod. My system specs: İntel core İ5 m 460 2.53 ghz, nvidia geforce gt420m, 8 gb ddr 3 ram. I've heard that 2.77 ghz is required for game. On my computer, the game plays stable 60 fps when the game is on medium settings and quality textures are turned on.
  4. I open the game and create new save and Game crashes on character creation. I am getting this code in error log: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x5298add3, pid=4572, tid=5084 Sorry for not being descriptive my english is so bad
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