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  1. I wanted to get a pick into weapon stats in the game - parsed some data from the game into excel. Little messy but you can order/ filter it by column if you press "Filter" button. If anyone interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WWgqUhPMjKod49ifi7tiGmqDU4w8ppwZ
  2. Yeah you are right - it is a problem with the mouse. I just tested it - when I click-hold it in a very specific place it creates a click effect... Logitech mouse for over 100$, just great. Edit: I disassembled my mouse (Logitech G Pro Wireless) and literally drown switches in isopropanol. Double click issue seems to be gone, I just wonder for how long...
  3. Hi, Im new to the game and I love it! I have one problem when fighting - when I press right mouse button to position my character I sometimes get context menu (Walt to...) I understand it might be just me/mouse clicking and not holding but I somehow can not avoid this and this gets me killed. Maybe there is a way to assign this menu to other key? Cant find any way to customise mouse buttons - is it in some text/config file?
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