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    Patch PlanZ

    Agreed, more variation there would be nice. I think the Automated Emergency System would benefit from having its own sounds as well so it sounds less like a Bill Clinton interview and more like an actual AES.
  2. Those lights do work but they're like a lamp which looks weird. I'm using this for the bulb lifespan. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2715911680 Vanilla is ridiculous needs upping massively.
  3. The symbols you can paint on the walls are a bit limited and fairly useless though. I'd like to be able to paint lines on the ground for my car park but I think they also need to implement concrete for that as well instead of us having to use a mod to get that working.
  4. unhitch before logging out and hitching when you get back in tends to work fine for me. You can also hitch before setting off and that generally works too. It's a bit of a mess right now sadly. Unfortunately I have also found (likely by sheer coincidence) that the ambulance has a real bad tendency to just take off even with the trailer attached to it. It's done it twice now. The first time I got out and the passenger had to log out before he died. I was able to ram the ambulance out of a nearby building to get it back. The second I was alone and it killed me
  5. Yes, I reported it last year. This server was entirely vanilla so that mod isn't the cause of it happening. There are comments suggesting that mod isn't ready for MP though.
  6. I'd imagine they'd use morph targets for fat and thin variants and have it scale along to suit the character's current levels of chubbiness. They could do the same with strength and height too. I wouldn't rule it out happening later down the road, so long as it doesn't hammer performance that is.
  7. I haven't found much rope either. Log bundles (I'd also suggest adding plank bundles) and a good quantities of rope could be a good addition to McCoys. Perhaps the pallets here could also be taken and used as larger containers than crates. McCoys is fairly worthless currently, you can't even get a decent axe there now.
  8. Firstly, zombie bee keepers would break up the Sneed zombie clones that clutter the farming areas, so that's a good start. Hives boosting crop yield/growth speed would be a nice addition (radius based, but acts like a compost effect that scales up perhaps?) and would be useful all game too. Wax and honey however would need some improvements first. Honey doesn't really have much use right now, but wax could be far more useful and especially with fuel being finite. Being able to attach candles to walls or candelabras as a light source could be good and having a renewable source of wax would make this more worthwhile. It could also be useful in food preservation, perhaps in wax paper form or in canning. I'm assuming from the windmill comment that they're thinking about adding some medieval inspired additions as alternative solutions.
  9. I'm also getting this visual bug. Just seems to occur with that one farm tile. 1060 GTX 6G. Friends 1080ti doesn't do it. Was perfectly fine prior to the map update.
  10. I've had this happen and found this when I went looking for answers. Someone in here claims it's related to alt-tabbing.
  11. 41.65 Multiplayer Dedicated (Nitrado) (Server is also set to stop when no players are active) No Mods Build floor over grass Wait Noticed the various grass types keep popping up inside this warehouse along with saplings. It is also happening outside in the gravel section outside too. Seems to occur in the same location for all players too. I tried placing some tiles over the wood floor but it doesn't appear to have fixed the issue. I'm not 100% if removing the grass prior to building a floor stops this happening (so far it appears to be the case but it could be coincidence). Server time is now roughly 2 months later with standard erosion settings also.
  12. 41.65 Multiplayer Dedicated (Nitrado) (Server is also set to stop when no players are active) No Mods Tow Trailer with vehicle. Log out of server Log back in Trailer is now unhitched In addition to this, if you do not re-attach it in game and drive away from the trailer, the vehicle rubber bands back to the trailer if player(s) get out of it. It's amusing to watch but does tend to wreck the vehicle in the process. Sometimes trailers become unhitched in game while you're playing or even driving, but seems somewhat rare and I can't reproduce it.
  13. gromit

    Build 41 - Released!

    It seems the two gas stations in muldraugh no longer spawn any mechanicals like they used to so that could be why.
  14. gromit

    Build 41 - Released!

    Empty gas cans don't appear to be present in gas stations, or at least the chances of them appearing has been nerfed quite heavily. Was this intentional or is it a bug?
  15. Engine quality may play a part, like inflated tyres but I don't think it's the entire story as I've had 100 engine quality vehicles that struggled to tow a Dart (which could tow the bigger vehicle a lot easier). It does seem that vehicles that are better at towing do tend to be harder to tow. I do hope it gets improved in the update.
  16. That one is too long and has a tendency to chain too. I hasn't got me killed yet, but I did have my character wile-e-coyote into a low fence and flop over it onto his face.
  17. I thought the running in a different direction to what you're pressing when near hordes was a bug. I really hope this isn't by design.
  18. gromit

    VHS: Home

    Can confirm this shows up and throws errors if you try and play it. It seemed to break the save also.
  19. No, I've had this happen and the character can also get stuck on vehicles and walls when it happens too. The running in the wrong direction bug used to happen before but now that they've increased the chance of characters falling over, it's gone from a mild irritating bug to a frustrating, game ending one.
  20. Can you please take another look at vehicle power in the upcoming update? Towing has become fairly miserable for the most part as vehicles have very little torque. If you go off road (which for locations such as the farm in Muldraugh you have no real choice) vehicles will come to a stop if they shift up to second gear while towing another vehicle. Reverse has far more power for some reason (possibly helped by the fact it doesn't change gear) and that currently is one work around to get vehicles to the farm. Not really ideal and not realistic. Heavy vehicles also shouldn't be struggling to tow small cars either.
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