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  1. Well I made it 3 days and 15 hours, then died by accidently stepping into a fire for a brief second while trying to figure out how to burn zombies. I think they could use to make the game a little more forgiving when you make mistakes. I appreciate their attention to detail with a lot of this stuff, but I was on fire for like 10 seconds before dying and couldn't figure how to stop drop and roll lol. Feels they could automate that one. Anyway off to try the sandbox now definitely going to increase the time per day. May or may not drop zombie count as it didn't seem quite as bad this last time, but my just be I'm getting better at walking away from them.
  2. Oh well damn sounds like the custom sandbox is really the place to be then. Certainly feel that would fix a lot of the issues I'm having. Give me a bit more time to get used to combat. I was able to take down 3 or 4 together yesterday but it started as just 2 with the other two wondering in mid-fight. And I feel everywhere I turn there are groups of zombies so retreat often doesn't feel like a viable option. Thinning their numbers a little bit would be a huge help, as would increasing the time in a day a bit. One hour per day just feels a bit short, like walking next door takes an hour out of the day. Letting zombies trigger house alarms feels like something they should have enabled from the start. I've had at least three characters so far that have hit an alarm within the first two houses I check so that will probably help cut down on that a bit. I'll keep going with my current guy till he dies, shouldn't take long, and then try that on the reset. Another thing about items maybe some of you can help me with, does every item in the game have a use? Currently I take everything from the first couple of houses, then selectively loot items that I think will be useful (medical stuff, books, water containers, food, weapons etc.) from that point on. But I feel I'm still getting a lot of items that don't seem to have any use like paper, pens, clothes, jewelry, etc. I know the pen can be used on maps, but other than one pen should I bother with any of this stuff?
  3. Thanks for your reply. Well that's good to know I'm not just doing something really wrong and everyone fights through the same sort of issues. I hope they improve the combat in future updates. The aiming at the head like this is an interesting mechanic but combat feels clunky and is probably my list favorite part of the game so far. That and I feel the carrying weight could use some more balancing. It seems they are trying to make it more like you are incumbered by how awkward carrying all the stuff is rather than weight, cause 12 pounds or kg just isn't that much. Seems it would work better to have a limit of item slots instead but oh well. I did give it another try after my original post, and it's going sort of better so far. Instead of heading to a good location for a main base, I just jumped in one of the bigger 2-bedroom single floor houses near me. Thought I could try to get some skills up first then rip everything up and move later. Getting a bit more practice fighting zombies and trying to find a car and saw so I can start crafting practice but no luck yet. Going to have to head outside of my main area tomorrow to try and find those, so hopefully I don't get killed right out the door. I don't mind dying in the game, just wish it didn't happen so fast and that I didn't feel so unable to avoid it. At least if I die tomorrow it will be on day 3, longest I've made it so far. I'll try looking up some of that guy's videos to see if those help.
  4. Hello. Like the title says, I'm having a really hard time playing this game so far. I've only had it for a few days but I've already forgot how many times I've been forced to start over and it's at the point I basically feel like giving up. I'm playing the latest version of the game (0.41), in the builder scenario that is supposed to be easier and I've only played in Riverside. I've finally got an idea where many things are at and I've watched videos for help but still keep dying. Always by zombies. Every time start I'm either in the trailer park or the plot of small houses at the north side of town, or the small houses by the gas station. For the tailer park I get my inventory full and head straight to the factory warehouse to setup. I usually get this far, turn around and leave to go gather stuff only to find zombies in groups in every direction. I try to walk around them and end up running into another group. I try fighting and end up getting torn to pieces even if I take a few down. If I spawn in the houses, I head straight for the Church as my base. Few windows, kitchen, seems it would be easy to defend. I've tried walking and driving there but every time I make it I get killed as soon as I leave again. My character isn't wearing warm clothes or carrying much besides a weapon (usually the baseball bat), some food and some water. I try walking away and pushing enemies down and then beating them to no real success. I'm just getting sort of frustrated at this point and tired of restarting every 30-60 minutes. Any ideas what I can try to do different?
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