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  1. Still experiencing this, would love some feedback to whether this is a known issue or not. I was enjoying the game a lot until the sound update, when this issue arose.
  2. Bumping again, just downloaded the new update and the car gearing/cruise control is still broken. Beta in the steam options that reverts to the version before the sound update would be just dandy.
  3. Well considering I can't revert to a game version where this bug isn't present (unless I go all the way back to the stable 2D version of the game) I would like to at least have this acknowledged by someone in development as an issue. This bug seriously hampers my enjoyment of the game, as I did a lot of driving when I was playing.
  4. Went back and tested sport and heavy duty, same thing, this was just me setting the speed to 30/35 MPH and letting the driving mechanics handle the rest. In the last IWBMS I seem to recall having to accelerate just a tiny bit more in some cars after setting the cruise control to get the car to shift up one more gear to hit the ideal cruising RPM, but it was never like this.
  5. Before the latest updates cars were great, gears switched quickly and realistically, once up to 35 MPH I could set the cruise control and cruise in 3rd gear at 1500 RPMs or something like that, just as in real life. Now the cars gears are very long, it takes around 60 MPH to hit 3rd if I'm remembering correctly and setting cruise control does nothing to lower the rpms, in fact, when I set the cruise control the RPMs surge up on their own with no input from me, I can be doing 5 MPH and the RPMS surge to like 3500-5000 rpms. Only mods I have are "Fashion montage: start with any outfit" and "Cheat Menu" Car I was in when this happens was the Dash Rancher, but I started a new game to try and recreate the bug and it was the same when in a Masterson Horizon, both standard models, I've yet to test heavy and sport type cars, I'll have to do that next time.
  6. Experiencing the same thing, surprised this hasn't been mentioned more and fixed already, cruise control is pretty much unusable, unless you like listening to the engine rev at 4000 rpms.
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