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  1. Of the applications only the browser, steam, Nvidia geforce experience works, I tried to play without them, only with steam, I tried to play with one monitor, it didn't help, which is not surprising, because I also played with them before,although they have the same refresh rate, but different resolutions, it didn't cause any problems. Could this be due to mods or some rare bug in patch 53 itself?
  2. When I play PZ, the game is minimized every 3-5 minutes. This has never happened before, the last time I played at 41.51, and now I'm back in the game. When the game is in full screen, the desktop opens. If I play in a full-screen window, then the screen just flashes as if it was minimized, and the game is considered minimized, control is lost, and I have to do ALT+TAB to regain control over the hero. I use 2 monitors
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