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  1. I did this as well as un-installing the game and manually deleting the mod from the steam workshop folder to be sure it was downloading the entire thing. I am really unsure of what to do at this point. Another friend was able to use the mod in his server so I just joined that. I wish I could figure out the issue but at least we are able to play now. Thanks for the help anyway
  2. I did try and enable the mod in the workshop part but it keeps giving me a different mod error and not allowing me to enable it. I can enable it in the mod section no issue but not in the workshop part. Edit: it says "workshop item is different than the servers" I am subbed to the 40.43 version of the mod and on the 40.43 version of the game branch.
  3. Me and a few friends are trying to host a server with this mod on it and i have tried multiple different ones now with only this mod enabled and have not gotten it to work. No items are showing up at all and i have the mod enabled in client and in the server options. I have a feeling this is something very stupid simple i am missing but i can't find it. Anyone have an answer to what i am missing?
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