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  1. It is one of the mods. i have the painstaking job of finding out which one. some must have updated one of them ***update Its one of the mods from the pitstop, grapeseed and blackwood mods
  2. of course but i havent changed enything, i was usuing them the first 4 days
  3. I was just training at my base and i ventured out to lure zeds only to find the horn wasnt work... found out no car horn works so i can no longer use this as a luring technique. Ive been using gunfire instead. cannot see anything in logs at all
  4. After further more playthrough it was fort knox but after that i also go another one with the boat mod. I am getting another one now but i know what mod it is, Item stacker with a few hydrocraft items. Its doesnt seem to effect the game as the log says it just ignores it. If theres any issues i cannot figure out i will be sure to contact you. PS. i have some awesome boss ideas. I just found out the lore and its a fungus if i was told right! I think your missing a trick by not adding spores and plants that mutate over time
  5. I did recently download advance zombies cuz i wanted more sprinter spawns cuz it keeps me on my toes. Okay ill disable extra location mods first one by one and see what works.. what dont. ill get back to you!
  6. Thank you for the SOUND! advice. i was literally going to say i have changed it to windowed mode and its been fine! I think its possibly something to do with windows and its screen priority thing messes up. I get it sometimes with other games too but in slightly but different similar ways. Does this game work on linux? Another question. How can you tell which mod is causing the problem in the log file. I have this code... PS if its fort knox ive already turned it off meaning ive lost the save. good job it was a new one! i got to ambitious with the mods. PS im pretty new to the game. [10-09-21 23:35:27.732] ERROR: Mod , 1631313327732> ChooseGameInfo.readModInfoAux> tiledef=customtiles 2800 file number must be from 100 to 1000. [10-09-21 23:35:27.781] LOG : Mod , 1631313327781> 2x version of Farmoid.pack not found.. [10-09-21 23:35:27.820] LOG : Mod , 1631313327820> 2x version of RC_01.pack not found.. [10-09-21 23:35:27.823] LOG : Mod , 1631313327823> 2x version of TA_UNPACK.pack not found.. Ive guessed its fort knox due to the loading order. It kept crashing and loosing data so i tried merging save files with the crash file but that didnt work... sorta. 10-09-21_23-35-03_DebugLog.txt
  7. Periodically the screen keeps going black, not even a shift ctrl windows b works.. It is project zomboid app that causes it. If i somehow manage to ctrl alt del a log off by estimated my mouse location, the screen returns as soon as zomboid shuts down. Ive checked logs and i cannot see anything? This results in multiple saves messing up as i have to quit for my actions to register. Is there anything i can do too help remedy this issue? Thanks
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