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  1. I already said in my original post that I tried adding an exception to my AV and it did nothing.
  2. Further updates: Putting lighting updates down to 5, turning on Texture Compression, and blood details on Zombies/Weapons as well as putting my game in fullscreen seemed to help, but there are still microstutters every few seconds that are noticeable. The previous build did not have any of these problems for me, so I'm just trying to figure out whats going on. Edit: I also reverted the game back to build 40 and the problem seems to be mostly non-existent, plus the game launches through steam just fine.
  3. While fiddling around to try and figure out the problem, I discovered that if I switched to a different user on my PC the game launches, still getting those fps drops, but it launches fine. I've been uninstalling programs trying to figure out what is keeping it from launching but no luck so far.
  4. It stutters every time a zombie or chunk loads in. My specs are i7-6700k GTX 1070 32gb RAM and the game itself is installed on an SSD
  5. Title, I press play and the button changes to "x stop" for a second before just going back to displaying play. Nothing in console.txt, just nothing. The only way to launch the game is through the x64 .bat and when I DO play that way the game is stuttering really bad. At first I thought it might be mods, so I had a friend with the exact same mods try to launch the game and play. Perfectly fine on his end. Things I have tried: Disabling all mods, Clean install/ wiping every zomboid-related file off my pc and re-installed, verifying game cache, editing launch options, creating anti-virus exception, updating graphics driver, re-installing vc redist. Strangely, when I made a mistake editing the x64 .json file, I accidentally forgot to include an m after the -Xms value and that made it launch through steam, but of course then it crashed due to an out of memory error. Upon fixing this however, it stopped launching again. Super weird. No luck on any of it. Anybody else have any idea what to do?
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