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  1. DOUBLE TAP IN TO THE NEW IMPROVED REDBOID - ZOMBOID EXPERIENCE DISCORD: https://discord.gg/wAyCnuC9 ZOMBOIDLAND SERVER (b40.43) IP: PORT: 14200 MODS Cure virus, Eris Minimap, Examine Zombie's Corpses Weed, Hydrocraft, More Zombie Loot Better Nocturnal Zombies, MANY MAPS LOL More Vehicles, Immersive Overlays, Minimal Display Bars Filibuster's Cars and more! Only thing different from Redboid, is there is no "Zones" Most of the rules mirror redboids and I'll post my own version of rules soon. As of now we have a discord and the server is 24/7 with 20 slots(CAN BE UPGRADED). I hope to see some new players! I'm currently spending my time on here adding trading posts and safe zones for a better server experience. Maybe someone could help me with a map?
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