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  1. hello again, giving continuation to my list here some more stuffs i do miss: - ladders, ok why this world don't have ladders?? or we can't climb ladders or create ladders??? i know which making fabricate ropes are more "fast" but if you manage to get proper materials and time why you can't build ladders???? or why you can't find ladders???, we have stairs but not ladders??? water reservatory and a better "plumbing system, while i did talked about it in previous post i'm still feeling the missing of a better plumbing system and also being able to create big water reservatories like big stashs to place water like being able to store up to 2000 units or a big one of 5000 and be able to plumb it to plumb related stuffs, another adiction which i do miss are water pumps, they would work like the generator you place the in the ground then plumb then to a water store then it will "pump water from the ground to the store and like the generators it make noises and the need of energy and maintenance. the water pump will take water in the ground in a place around 4x4 tiles the water will be not "endless" ofcourse but it will have a good ammount like 1k per tile or 500 per tile like in the case of a 4x4 it would means 16k of water if it's a 1k per tile or 8k if its a 500 per tile, then the survivor must move the pump to another 4x4 area to pump more water and not "every groun tile will have water he must "find" water tiles do have water to pump, it would lead to more "explorations and gameplay, by looking for more natural resources.
  2. plumbing is working fine for me i was able to plumb a sink without any issue, are you making sure following all the requeriments? the barrel must be in a level up and one square behind the sink/wash machine", also the "room" where the sink/wash machine is must be full covered in a roof in order to proper plumb.
  3. yeah i know and understand which each "attempt" wil be its own roll and it not gonna stack with each other however it does feels which the "let's use your 1d4 logic which it's rolling too much the 1 and avoiding too much 2,3 and 4, to point of feeling like more a "bug" like somehow the "25" is not really 25 when the game is making the roll to see if break or no, instead it's like 50 or 60 like a extra value being added as a error to make it falls more, because even in real life when you have those sort of gambles if something say's like you have 10% of fail and 90 of sucess ofcourse it don't means which you automatically get a wins or always will be a wins you still have a small chance of loosing, however when that "small losing chance" start to happens too often then it's really feel like or you really are a walking pool of "bad lucky/missfortuny" or something is really wrong, when the game is making the maths to decide if it's break or no and for what i get the "skill matters" since to reach the 25% you have to have the max skill which means then maybe some thing is not proper being counted, another thing is which while i can understand you sometimes going in a "bad lucky day or roll and getting multiple times failure, in one game play time it's totally possible, this happening like "almost all the times then it's really looks like something is wrong. anyway thanks for the replay and help.
  4. here 2 more: repairman: chance of breaking stuffs when trying to pick up reduced by 10 or 15, or a extra bonus reduction when picking stuffs since it's a "freaking repairman" which means he is supposed to know more how to "retrieve stuffs without breaking" than others. lucky and bad lucky: it also increase/decrease the chance of "break" stuffs when trying to picking up, like for 5 or 10, like a positive lucky decrease the chance of break by 5 or 10 and a negative luck increase it by 5 o 10, like in real life peoples with better luck will have less chance of break stuff and peoples with bad lucky will have more chance to break stuffs.
  5. ok i've tested many times and it's seens the "broken value" for sinks(be the bath one or the small ones" also toilets have a "too high chance of break or the maths are wrong, even at max level professions like lv10 carp, lv10 metal work or any other it's say you have 25% of break however this maths seens wrong, since most of the times i'm trying to pickup a sink it just "break", at first i tought i was just having a bad lucky but after started to test i've noticed which the break happens more often than a sucess, like on each 7 sinks i'm trying to pick at last 3 to 5 break, for a 25% chance of break those numbers are too high, i'm the only one experiencing it??? and another thing like why the trait lucky not work on it too?? i means lucky would give a 5 to 10% bonus to reduce the break chance since a person with more lucky would be less likely to break the opposite would go for bad lucky increasing the chance of breaking stuffs by 5 or 10%, but i really feel like sink and also toilets chance to break don't looks like matching the display numbers and happens more often than it was supposed to happens.
  6. now thinking better i do feel most of the professions would need a "rework or at last add some "extra benefits to make more in line than just +x on this or that skill and leveling more fast then like my previous suggestons you would add a "extra unique power like again burglas which have the hotwire or chief which start with cooking trait here some change: 1 unemployed to make up for the others professions "up" you now get aside the base bonus of 8 points you get a +4 bonus only for this one, then if you choose this one you start with a +12 however if you choose let's say fire fighter you still start with 0 extra since fire figther take 8 points the 4 extra points don't count to the others professions or if you gonna increase all the professions cost then it can count. 2 police officer - you gain the "brave" trait as a extra, such as police are supposed to be more "brave" than others peoples due to his profession nature then a "normal thing would be then this trait too to reflect it besides the others bonus. 3 Fire Fighter - less chance to catch on fire whie passing throught fire and or brave like police 4 repairman - can repair anything (not just weapons) and or can one time increase the durability of the stuffs by 1 or 10 points per point in maintenance or can reduce the material cost/usage to repair stuffs 5 fisherman - have better chance to catch better fishes or catch a fish more often 6 doctor one of the most "bad" professions a good rework would be medics are less likely to be affected by decaying body(in case it turned on) and or injuries threated by a doctor heal more fast and it can threat more deadly injuries, another possible bonus to make this one more unique is at first aid level 10 by gathering the proper materias and read a really rare book you can create a medicine which can ""slow" the zombie infection making it take longer to happens, each usage have reduced effect like the first time give 100% more time, second usage 50% third 25% and no effect after that the person still gonna ending turning in a zombie but he gains "more time" as human to live a little longer, like if the infection take one day it will make it take 2 days on first usage then half of a day on the second and one quarter in the last usage then after that the person will ending turning into a zombie at the end the same goes if take let's say 10 days the person will get like 17 days and a half in total 7 nurse - almost the same as doctor but a little less effective and not being able to make the medicine. 8 electrician - less chance to break electronic stuffs when remove and placing then back and or can create stuffs like in door lamps or something like that. 9 mechanic - can also hotwire well you know mechanics somehow are supposed to also know that nost just burglars and or also maybe open cars doors without need too break it. 10 farmer - crops planted by farmers are better, they are more resistant to plagues and or produce more "stuffs" and or grow a little more fast, farming skill increase those effects, like more levels you have more effective it becomes. the professions of metal worker, carpenter and construction worker follow my previou suggestions those changes would make each profession feel more "unique" than just x points on this or that, they still have x poiint on this on that but also this extra bonus to make then looks more in line with the profession
  7. here some more stuffs: 21 - burglar bein able to "lockpick doors of houses and cars: you know in real life burglar/thiefs nomally can be good not only at hotwire cars but also at "open locked doors in many cases without need to "break glasses", then why we can't do the same in game, it can be only the burglar occupation or can be a new "skill" like lockpick which allow you to "open" doors without need to break anything. 22 - "builders occupations like carpenter, metal worker and Construction Worker, currently while they give "some advantage" like "starting skill points" they don't really proper reflect the "occupation" in a real good way, what i means is how about any of those occupations give "extra hit points to the buildings???, like a carpenter let's say with 5 carpentry skill is supposed to make better walls (more resistant) than peoples with just 5 in carpentry because you know this is what they are "specialized since they choose this occupation then i would suggest something like that: any of those occupations would give "extra hp" for any breakable structure crafted by peoples with this occupation, would be something like that: walls and wall frames wood wall frame: carpenter give a a extra 50hp making it a 100hp metal worker 0 nothing since his are is obvious "metal" Construction worker give a 30hp extra while not good as a carpenter he still have some knowledge about it metal wall frame: carpenter 0 like in metal worker this is not his area metal worker give it a extra 80hp making it a 200hp(120+80) construction worker give a extra 50hp making it a 170hp(120+50) wood walls: all levels carpenter would give a extra 50hp to all levels making then 200(150+50), 250(200+50) and 300(250+50), it would means which a level 3 wood wall made with a wood wall frame would have a total of 400(100 (50+50) from the frame + 300(250+50) from the wall it would make the wall stronger when made from a carpenter than another occupation. Construction worker would give a +30 to all levels making then 180(150+30), 230(200+30) and 280(250+30) follow the same as the carpenter then a full build wall with wood wall frame would be a 360hp wall metal walls: metal following the same logic as wood would be like a 80+ increase for metal worker occupation for both metal frame and walls which means a metal frame wall made by a metal worker would have a 200hp(120+80) instead of 120 and a level 1 wall would have a 330 hp(250+80) and a level 2 would have 430hp(350hp+80), then a metal wall level 2 with a metal frame would have a total of 630hp, for a construction worker the bonus would be +50 making frame walls with a 170hp and walls with 300 and 400 going to a total of 570hp. barricades wooden barricade carpenter give a 20hp bonus on each piece then a full barricade of 8 pieces (4 on each side) would 240hp construction worker give a 10hp on each piece bonus then a full barricade of 8 pieces (4 on each side) would be 160hp metal barricade metal worker give a 50 hp bonus on each piece(1 piece on each side) making a total of 300(150 on each side) construction worker give a 30hp bonus going to a total of 260hp since fencers and doors i don't know they strengt it could be a 50 across the board increas for all wood stuff and a 80 or 100 for the metals ones for carpenter and metal worker and for a construction worker it would be a 30 and 50 across the board, the same goes for furnitures which can be broken. ofcourse to reflect this bonus you would increase the cost of the occupations by one or 2 points more but it would make for exemple peoples wanting to be builders with carpentry "shine more" the same goes for metal worker and construction worker being the "jack all trades" here while not giving the same strong bonus as the other 2 still a good option and make it looks more in line with the occupation than it's currently state.
  8. here more stuff: 19 - more seeds type - where's my "banana's tree?, or apple tree or pineapple crop or grape or corn, or watermelon?? why we have so much fruits and vegetable varieties but not soo much seeds???? 20 - cold packs - give more utility to cold pack, for what i read currently it is only good to make smoke granades which is not bad but i feel which they could have lost they big purpose which could be to actually "make things cold", i means having cold packs in a freeze or cooler or others type of storage it could make it "cold", making Perishable last a little longer and have stuffs like a ice carton and the cold pack where if the freeze run out of energy it will have a "time" where it will keep the freeze cold until it run out of cold and the more you add the long they last, but they have a "time" where afte x time the ice carton become "water" and the cold pack become "not cold anymore and you have to renew then place then in a "cold place" or in case of the ice you can drink it then refresh with a source of water, the point is making then more in line with what they are and give a little more time for peoples when they are having hard time to find a proper generator or running out of gas and is needing more time to find more gas then you have it then as i told the more you stack in the store the long they last and more cold it can be for exemple the base minimum to make a any store "cold" would ay last 5, then to make "frozen you would have different numbers based on the store place for exemple regurar refrigerator big area would need like 20+ to make it frozen while the "freeze" part would need only 10+ the same goes for a cooler with 10+ you can make stuffs frozen, the depredation base value would be like 1% each minute for each pack or a 100% increase for each new cold stuff stacking which would means a single pack would stay "cold" for 100 minutes while 2 packs would stay cold for 200 minutes then 3 would stay for 300 minutes and so if too much each one above the first one only slow for 50% like 1 pack last for 100 minutes 2 packs last for 150 minutes 3 packs last for 200 minutes and so or something thing like that, the idea is being able to keep stuffs "cold" or frozen longer to give more time for the player to search for now source of powers or way to keep stuffs cold for more time.
  9. hello first of all, hi everyone my first post, i've decided to join the community after started to play this game and i really enjoy it but as any other games i do feel it need some "extra efforts" and while its amazing it is not by any means perfect and feel a little "lackluster" in some places then here what i would love to see added PS: before peoples start to point out i've already read the "no list" and those lists and know which some of the stuffs here are a "no" for now, but who knows in the future?? and a wish even if never fufilled still a wish and sometimes a "no" now can became a yes" in the future, the time will tell anyway here my list: 1 - the classic "sit on chairs" animation/interaction or lay on bed to sleep or on coachs- while i feel the game have in some areas a really high level of details and immersion in others is a lot of lackluster, like you have so many "interactive" stuffs but one of the most basic still missing which is something like sitting on chairs or beds or sleep/take a nap on then it would help increase the immersion and make more "in game" objects more usefull than just being "decorations" while some stuffs can really be just decorations other feel a lot forced not being able to interact 2 - personnal hygiene - again before peoples jump into the "it's a no" i've already read it, but i do feel anyway the need to at last give my justification about it, well for a "survival game" not having personnal hygiene when you think about it "feel a lot dumb", because it could be "game mechanics" like if you "pee" yourself and get dirt the "smell" can be mechanic to attract zombies nearbly without count the fact which you could be get "out of guard" by zombies and even npcs or others humans when making your needs like peeing or poop, it would add a new mechanic for the player to watch out and take care like hungry, happiness, thirst, but if you want more immersion and complexity it could help a lot, another thing it could make the toilets really more realistic usefull than use it for bath and drink which normally make not much of a sense and even it can be another mechanic to make peoples avoid use some of then for those reasons like a "used for pee toilet" if the player is desperated in need of water he can "drink" from this toilet however it could make him "sick or feeling crap affecting his actions like others mechanics, well i really feel it is really a important missing feature. 3 - push vehicles and others objects - i know which part of it already been talked but i really don't see talkng about specifically "vehicles" like if you character have "enough strenght or x ammount of strenght" he can "push cars out of the place where they are, like moving broken cars from the streets and those stuffs it is something which "really strong peoples can do" then would be interesting be able to move then or also move stuffs like truck trailers with your hands when you need if you strong enough offcourse it could make you get "tired more fast' like others mechanics" 4 - proper barehands melee combat - currently you can only push zombies and stomp them if they are in the ground, but what about "punch and kick"???, again it don't make too much sense having a "brawler skill" if you can't actually "fight in bare hand" then would be interesting to be able to fight zombies or npcs or other players with bare hands if you can and add stuffs like "martial arts or Boxing", while it could do "less damage" to zombies than weapons" it would again at last add some level of immersion and realist add some "melee combat skills" like a Boxing skill then as you improve the level it become more strong and fast and usefull, while i do understand which for game balances maybe it can make the character "too strong" for the zombies it still feel again something missing for a already very immersive game. 5 - reinforce/improve and or repair "building" - at "high level like 8+ of skills like carpentry, metal work, eletricity and maybe others" you can "reinforce some build stuffs like doors or fences or improve stuffs like generators to be more efficient( like reduce the consume and/or increase durability", in a "apocalipse world" peoples with high skills or even not skilled but in dire need in many cases would love to "make sure they doors or fences are "strong enough to stand against improve they buildings resistance against the enemy, which means add some extra planks to the door to make it take more time to fall down, i'm not talking about barricade which while it make the doors and windows last longer it prevent the usage of then in case you need and i do feel annoying to have to "barricade" and remove every time i want to use it, then being able to improve the doors or windows would be very usefull making the doors more strong and durable which make sense the same goes for fences and also being able to "repair" damage would be good. also being able to build "different types of "doors" with different materials like a "metal door a sturdy wooden door, like high levels on the skill allows you to build better and strong type of protections, specially for fence which currently you can only make pole fence game and big pole fence gate and no wired or big wired fence gate, why?? would be good be able to build small and big wired fence gate too and not just this uggly pole fence. 6 - skills level improve the "strength/defense" of the structures like a fence or wall base hp let's say is 100 then each level of the skill would increase it by 10 then a level 10 skill would produce a 200 hp fence or wall instead of just 100 the same goes for barricades, like a plank barricade would be increased by 1 for each level on each plank then a level 10 carpentry would be able to make a 20 hp plank barricade making a total of 160(80 for each side and for the 4 planks) an d metal barricade would go to 220( 110 on each side) making then more strong and resistant to zombies attacks. 7 - tailoring being able to actually craft outfits- as it was supposed to be and not just "add patchs" while improve already existing outfits and even fix at max level(which also don't make sense you are supposed to be able to fix outfits at low level too since fix outfits at last in basic ways is not something where a high level of skill would need at last if you don't want perfection), don't make too much sense a tailoring skill not allow peoples to "make they own outfits if they have the materials, like sheet, thread, needle and scissors you are supposed to be able to make your own "outfits" also with a proper color stuff to paint in the color you want, 8 - more building options - while i do know which a huge ammount of the game is "around gathering" and scavenger stuffs, it's really weird which a full master carpentry have so limited stuffs to build even the metal work, why you can't build your own stove???, or someone with high level of electronic can't build it's own fridge with the right materials?? or wash machine??, or your own house lamp, or light would be interesting if you would have more build options and with the right and enough material you could full build your own house/fort without need to scavenger everything ofcourse you would still need to go for look for the mats around the world but it would look more "immersive and realistic also some stuffs would have as req you have not "only one skill" but 2 or more like for exemple a wash machine need both metal work and eletric to be able to build and stuffs like that, 9 - glasswork skill - yeah why we can't make "glasses for ourselfs???, like when a window is broken i can replace the broken for a new one??, we can use the "break pieces" of broken windows to forge a new glass window to place on the missing place, allowing us to build many type of "windows" and also based on others skills making some more "strong like" proof bullet windows like in cars, high levels of glass work would allow us to make better glasses, like tempered or bullet proof and others way to make then more "resistant" they don't need to be unbreakable but more resistant and also in cases of windows which have shut-in doors why we can't close then to increase the window durability???, it would not be just for windows but also to make others stuffs like bottles, plates, mirrors and others stuffs. 10 - ceramic/pottery work - yeah the same as glasswork but to work with mud to make stufs like vases and others things like brick to build brick walls 11 - brick walls and concrete - why we can't make brick walls or make bricks??, would be good add a ceramics/pottery skill and with that you can build brick walls to be even more strong than "wooden and metal walls, also make the concrete being usefull like increasing the resitance of the wall using concrete, like applying concrete to a wall increase its hp by 50 or 100 or in combination with the pottery skill we can build some "concrete stuffs. 12 - being able to apply plaster to metal walls too - why only wooden walls can be applied plaster??? why i can't do that to metal walls too??, i'm not a big fan of not being able to proper paint metal walls and only wooden walls, would be good to have more customization options here and be able to apply plaster to metal walls aswell. 13 - reinforce cars - with metal work and mechanics you can be able to "reinforce cars adding "some armor" to then, like adding metal bars to the glasses in the car on the outside making more hard to break it, or by using a new skill called glasswork being able to making more resiliant glasses, like a armored glass, also adding to front and others parts some "impact resistant stuffs to make more hard to break the cars like the the barricade, you add some "barricades" to the car to make then less likelly to break or even add "weapons" like add some piercing ro cutting stuffs around the car to "havock terror into the zombies" making really fun and wesome customizations for the cars. 14 - zombie variations or mutations - again i know which it already a "no" and all the bla bla bla, but i'm still would love to see because at one point having only the "regular zombies" start to feel boring even if you have a huge zombie horde and make then the most hardest you can in your setting, still "the same boring enemies" making the game feel a lot boring later since you are killing the same enemie over and over, then have "evolved zombies' would be interesting, i'm not means all zombies become "super zombies" but at one point you start to get some "mutation which would be a more challenge to deal not just being more strong but like some zombies which can only be killed by fire, which can do some "extra tricks" like leap to you, i know peoples gonna say it's not resident evil or left for dead and bla bla bla, but i really would be interesting having scattered among the normal zombies some "varations" specially because as we know "virus" can mutate and become "more or less" dangeours like your current state with the covid then having "mutating" zombies overtime would not be out of place, they don't need to be super overpower but can add some extra tricks to the zombie army, making you have to pay more attention to your surrounds than what we currently have. 15 - since animals are going to be added - why not add infected animals, they would make things more dangerous around, i know which the big problem would be maybe the infected animals start to attack non infected animals making all the animals in the world being infected or killed and players could never see a animal to hunt , then a way you would make is where the "zombified animals" only attack others "animals" other than humans if provoked or attacked, if the animals around the area not provoke the zombified then they will stay just around, they act "neutral around others animals and only being hostile to humans, the same goes for the "normal animals" they normally are neutral to zombified ones and only attack zombified if too close or they are in hostile mode like a bear and a zombified bear, they will not attack each other unless they get too close to each other or for exemple a player of npc start to attack the normal bear and it also attrack the zombified then if they get too close they can start to fight each other while trying to attack the player/human, it would be a good tactic of combat, another thing which would make zombified animals interesting would be which a "infected animal" would not be usable for "food" since it's infected then a player eating speciall raw a infected bear meat would make him sick or get infected too, then the "infected animals would be like the zombies just to make things complicated when you are actually hunting "normal animals". 16 - npcs - well i'm already aware they are coming, but they really need to come fast specially for single player, it's get really boring fast, specially in single play games when all you have are zombies at one point instead of feeling "loniless" i'm feeling really bored, because again just the regular zombies get boring a lot fast at one point of the game then we need some more "challenge" and by that i don't means "more strong and fast zombies" but really variety" , being the "only survivor in the world" many times feel not natural and a lot of boring then i hope it don't take too much time to get back npcs because i'm really getting tired of it, and before peoples come i know which we have some "npc mods' but i've tried it and oh boy how it "lag a lot" my game without the mod run really awesome then when i activate the mod omg game get a lot of lagg and the npcs somehow appear at my door then run away for me never see him again, they feel a lot random without a proper ai and the lag omg. 17 - air conditioner - where's my air conditioner???, why inside house can be soo hot????, why we can't have like in real world a air conditioner to make the inside houses temperature more friendly???? 18 - multiple generators usage - currently while you can use more than one generator, for what i read it pretty pointless because while theorically they reduce the energy consume per hour the gas consume and deterioration remains the same making pointless use more than one which i do feel wrong, would be good be able to proper "use multiple generators, which would make players have to take "more risks" going looking for generators, how it could play: you would need to have 10 in electric skill and read a "advanced book of generator or being at the proper profession with at last 5 of the skill it will allow you to "connect multiple generators until a max of 10, each one must be close to each other to be connected and it would need some stuffs like cables and bla bla bla, then when you connect all they will work like a single one you only need to click on one to activate all, they all work together reducing the "energy usage the gas usage and deterioration by 10% per generator connected, it means they would last more before run out of gas or get too much deteriorated making more desirable to have multiple generatos the downside would be now you have to fuell with more gas than before because now you have to add x more times gas for each generator, like 2 generator means x2 more gas, 3 means x3 up to six or five limit, and also when "repairing you have to use x more scraps too to repair all and in case of explosion or accident it would means a really big blow up being much more dangerous. well i will leave it for now i do have more stuffs but after a big list of this one i've ended forgeting some stuffs than later i will make another list or add more stuffs to this one, but those are some of the basic stuffs i do feel the game is currently missing to improve it gameplay and immersion and while do know which probably many of then peoples will complain because it can make the game "too easy" for hard mode die hard fans, for others they can make things more fun and immersive well, whatever have fan and a nice week.
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