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  1. i dont have backups ^^ thank you for your time anyway have a good week ^^ BookerDeWitt-
  2. I just drove off with my car to build a new base somewhere else... and i realised that ONLY the 2 chunks where my base was are reseted but the rest of the world like the loot is standart how i left it.... except my base i will send the error files that I THINK are connected to these 2 chunks that reset my base... -Booker DeWitt Edit: these 2 files are empty, no text in them unlike the rest of the textdocuments in my save file. map_717_1121.bin map_717_1121_error.txt map_736_1117.bin map_736_1117_error.txt
  3. i did. My Character is completely fine with the inv loot and stats and the loot in the cars and trailers are here aswell... but everything else in my base is gone what i mean by that is that all the containers i placed and all the items in it are gone... even the loot in the 'vanilla' crates is gone ... so much work D:
  4. AND after i did what you told me the following bin textdocuments 'rewrote' or recreated itself : map_meta, map_sand, map_t, map_ver, map_zone, WorldDictionary
  5. I tried it and it worked, i can join my save and only my character inventory, skills etc and cars are here. AND the loot in the cars and trailers... the rest like containers and the loot inside are gone . All the cells are reseted with the loot and its 'refilled' :/. A new folder created itself after the pc crash and save corruption. The Folder is named 'Blam' and there are 4 text dokuments in it they are callled map_717_1121 map_717_1121_error map_736_1117 map_736_1117_error and all the other bin folders are empty aswell such as: map_meta, map_sand, map_t, map_ver, map_zone, reanimated and the 'WorldDictionary' bin Folder are empty..:/ these are the map error files that created the new folder after the whole crash and corruption. map_736_1117_error.txt map_717_1121_error.txt map_736_1117.bin map_717_1121.bin
  6. Yesterday the 27. August i playes Zomboid like always.. it started lagging hard and i had to restart i pressed ESC to exit the game but the laggs became harder and my pc got ''stuck'' forcing me to restart the Computer... after launching Project Zomboid back up. i am so frustrated at this moment i dont know what to do... i tried moving the map.bin/vehicles/player etc to a new game save... it works. but only the items in my inventory and in my cars are here. my WHOLE base's storage crates and loot was/is GONE! it reseted to its 'natural' standart 'decoration'.. Sry for my english... pls help me out friends :/
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