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  1. you should have to take the magazine out to see how many rounds are left when its a magazine gun, now with revolvers its a given that you will know (same with DB shotguns) and for something like the JS2000 youll just have to count shots, but it would be a neat mechanic or sandbox option
  2. So i was watching Pr1vate Lime, i recommend him btw, and i noticed him shove a zombie over with a shotgun and start to stomp its head in, and i asked, why cant you just bash the head of the zombie in with the butt of the gun. Now of course i dont mean pistols, but the rifles and shotguns in the game certainly have stocks long enough to bash in the heads of the undead. I think it would be a cool animation for when you have a long gun equipped and press the stomp/shove button.
  3. hey man, i have a youtube channel that primarily features PZ and i would love to be able to help with testing purposes if you ever need anyone. if so just let me know and ill be happy to help!
  4. now this is hypothetical because i still havent managed to live long enough to need this, but should i burn or bury? burning is much easier, faster, and can be safer in some cases but fuel is much harder to come by now whereas burying is usually safer, but takes more time, needs a shovel, and is land ineffective what should i do if there is a dead horde at my base?
  5. guys im so excited i hopefully get to play with my favourite streamer AussieGG when multiplayer for build 41 drops please guys hurry it up i cant wait much longer please
  6. yeah ive had this issue with a sprinter/ 28 days later playthrough that im doing on my YT channel
  7. fair enough, i have no kids so i wouldnt know, honestly i was just thinking of positive buffs lol, maybe if you kid is surrounded by the undead and you have brave or adrenaline junkie you get an added burst of strength or adrenaline?
  8. you can use the child as an insurance policy to get away from the hoard? like i get out of jail free card lol? i think maybe you could make the child carry some stuff or maybe it provides some stat bonuses like increased happiness or less stress?
  9. it could be a negative trait that you start with a child and one that gives you more points is starting with an infant?
  10. ay bro there is a mod where you have to repair the EBS when it goes out after the power shuts off
  11. hey bro dont worry ive had my game crash more times than i can count, usually when it crashes you can just try reloading the save, it doesnt always fix it but it usually works after 2-5 attempts
  12. I think adding a clumsiness setting for the zombies would be neat and it could dictate how often they trip and fall when in pursuit of you
  13. yeah id say its just the result of some lady who wouldnt stop screaming or a gun nuts last stand, because ive had similar things happen with a base i have in the forest near west point where i lived
  14. welp ive found a machete in the west point hardware store but nowhere else
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