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  1. sweet, so when will radios work?
  2. oh cool bro you even got the indie stone workers looking at ur post lol
  3. yeah i would like to see bayonets that turn them into spears or something like that
  4. If you smoke too many cigarettes, it should have the ability to suppress the hunger moodle while still having you become hungry without having any caloric benefit like smoking does in real life.
  5. There should be a trait called "Algophobia" which is the real life fear of pain, that whenever you are in pain causes panic and stress, could be something you can get over like claustrophobia or not but would be a cool low cost negative trait.
  6. you should have to take the magazine out to see how many rounds are left when its a magazine gun, now with revolvers its a given that you will know (same with DB shotguns) and for something like the JS2000 youll just have to count shots, but it would be a neat mechanic or sandbox option
  7. So i was watching Pr1vate Lime, i recommend him btw, and i noticed him shove a zombie over with a shotgun and start to stomp its head in, and i asked, why cant you just bash the head of the zombie in with the butt of the gun. Now of course i dont mean pistols, but the rifles and shotguns in the game certainly have stocks long enough to bash in the heads of the undead. I think it would be a cool animation for when you have a long gun equipped and press the stomp/shove button.
  8. hey man, i have a youtube channel that primarily features PZ and i would love to be able to help with testing purposes if you ever need anyone. if so just let me know and ill be happy to help!
  9. yeah ive had this issue with a sprinter/ 28 days later playthrough that im doing on my YT channel
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