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  1. I'm still having no luck with this, does anyone know if it's possible to map on iso with custom tiles?
  2. The tool works so well for me but as someone who makes a lot of custom tiles I've noticed that when I want to export my custom map as isometric the custom tiles just do not render. Is there any way to fix this as I'd love to render my custom map to upload on it's steam page. TIA
  3. Thank you for the help. I haven't managed to get the legend to work but in all honesty I'd rather use a custom image of a map of my area that I have made and was wondering if you could explain the part of the code in your bedford falls map that allows you to use a custom image? This code: -- overlayPNG(mapUI, 36*300, 21*300+190, 0.666, "lootMapPNG", "media/ui/LootableMaps/bedfordfallsmap.png", 0.5) I have created a square map matching the size of your bedford falls map image but I just don't seem able to make this code work for my image. I am guessing the 0.666 again is the scale of the image but I do not understand the 36*300, 21*300+190 or the 0.5 and what they do. Knowing this would allow me to add my own map overlay which I'd much prefer to use.
  4. Hey, this is a great guide, I had a few issues but figured them out, however, I now have my map working, when I loot it the area unlocked is correct but when the visual of the map comes up there is no banner or legend. I cannot for love nor money figure this out but I would love to solve it. I have also made a png for my map and would like that to displaybut I also couldn't figure that out either. I copied the bedford falls file and made changes including the filename of my png but it just doesn't seem to work, is there any chance you could explain the IUSI>Maps lua file? The lines I seem to be struggling with are: overlayPNG(mapUI, 14299, 9900, 0.666, "badge", "media/textures/worldMap/BedfordBadge.png") overlayPNG(mapUI, 13000, 10000, 0.666, "legend", "media/textures/worldMap/Legend.png") MapUtils.overlayPaper(mapUI) -- overlayPNG(mapUI, 36*300, 21*300+190, 0.666, "lootMapPNG", "media/ui/LootableMaps/bedfordfallsmap.png", 0.5) I cannot get the legend to display, I made a badge and couldn't get that to display either and ideally I'd like to use a map overlay to display the map I designed.
  5. Appreciate this. Will be sure to have a look through this
  6. Is there a guide on how to do this? I'm currently working on a map and would like to create some of these. Another question, is this the latest definitions or is there a newer one?
  7. and 2) Is when it comes to creating, for example, a shelf, how can I make sure when there are items added it shows a certain stock on the shelves? I'm trying to make a custom video store and whilst I have the shelves ready I want them to fill up with video tapes when they have items in them? I don't know how to go about this but this would be a massive help for the current store I am working on as without this tile it will look very odd with shelves full of random items instead of VHS tapes?
  8. So I've made a lot of progress with my building a custom building but now I've hit a bit of a wall. I have two questions. 1) Where can I get the tiles that appear to be missing from my Tilez? In the image below a lot of tiles are red and appear to be missing?
  9. I'm really struggling with interior and exterior walls. Exterior walls - Are these supposed to surround the entire outer perimeter of the building? Interior walls - If I use an exterior wall it seems to be overwriting the look of the interior wall, am I making a mistake here?
  10. Ah, so when it comes to creating a building the south and east sides of the buildings are always the exterior and the other two interior based on the iso view? also, how do I remove the grime from an exterior wall?
  11. Cheers, I've finally solved that issue and I'm getting to grips with things but now I've hit a snag whilst making a building. It would seem no matter what door I choose I have a part of a sign that shows with it. What could be causing this issue and is this how it will display in game?
  12. I'm having an issue here, can anyone help me? As I try to drag and drop I just get the windows circle with a line through it saying nothing can be dragged and dropped into WorldEd? Is there a video out there where I can see this being done so I can make sure I fully understand?
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