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  1. yes the water is still running in game itll run out in 2000+ years i edited it i also tried it without the mods same problem occurs. i just read the latest update looks like its an oversight since youll need a water source (barrel) overhead for plumbing even though the waters still running
  2. what if the waters running do i still need the water source overhead
  3. no i mean i cant get the water to run on the sink after i transferred it.
  4. i was able to do this on the past build 41.50 with the water still running im not using the barrel method btw.
  5. i used the pick up tool on the left side of the screen, heres the image apologies. i dunno why its suddenly gone, again the water is still running i also tried it without mods but it still didnt work. edit: ive already transferred the sink i also tried picking up the sink and returning it to its original place, still ended up with this problem.
  6. i guess give em a week, but start a new save so that if they dont return 41.50 it will hurt less
  7. So i was wondering if i can create textures for containers, i would like to know how to create them if its possible. sample: (created by wbfactory4444 )
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