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  1. Got it fixed by unsubbing to all mods. Then re-added only those that I would really be using for playthrough. Thank you for the help, really appreciate it.
  2. I do have pen/pencil with me. But the UI for adding notes/symbols is not displayed. Here is a screenshot. I've disabled mods that add more symbols/icons to the in-game map but I still am not able to write notes.
  3. Just curious what would deleting the "mods" folder do? Let's say I do delete it, will it also delete my installed mods? Game is working now though it crashes after some time. I also cannot write notes and icons in the in-game map, trying to figure out what is causing it.
  4. @Yana M.D. Yeah it did. I did not remove all the mods but only took out the ones which added towns/areas and mods that are for tiles (ex. Daddy Dirkie dirks tiles). Also removed some mods which have not been updated since 2020 and below.
  5. As the title states, when I create a new single player game and click on the "Click to Start", it just keeps on flashing and I am stuck in said screen. The game would not continue to load. This happened to me previously but was resolved by deleting all my saved games in Zomboid. However, it has happened again the repeating the same (deleting saved games) does not fix it. Here is the console file. Would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.
  6. I'm also not able to start a solo play but multiplayer works fine. Whenever I click on the " Click to Start", it just starts flashing again and I am stuck on said screen. Here is the console file: console.txt Edit: Got it working now. I just deleted all the previously saved games. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I am also encountering the same error. Appreciate if you can help.
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