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  1. So happy to see this implemented! Thanks a lot, @Tchernobill!
  2. I'm borrowing an idea from the mod "Fast Keys" here. I want to bind a key, say, F1 to the "Walk To" action. Waaay better than trying to right-click and hope it works while being chased by a horde and trying to dodge the translucent bushes at the same time 😱 </panic> Looking at the source code available I can imagine something along the lines of... local KEY_WALK = { name = "Walk To", key = Keyboard.KEY_F1, } if ModOptions and ModOptions.AddKeyBinding then ModOptions:AddKeyBinding("[Player Control]",KEY_WALK) end local function KeyUp(keynum) local specificPlayer = getSpecificPlayer(0) if specificPlayer ~= nil then if keynum == KEY_WALK.key then -- F1 ISWorldObjectContextMenu.WHAT_SHOULD_I_PUT_HERE?(0) end end end Events.OnKeyPressed.Add(KeyUp); Can someone shine a light here? I'm at a loss of where to search for this "WHAT_SHOULD_I_PUT_HERE" function that calls the "Walk To" action. Thanks in advance!
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