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  1. NormalBates

    Too much distraction

    Unfortunately it isn't, I was completely stuck, couldn't move forwards or backwards. And it ended up in this:
  2. NormalBates

    Too much distraction

    So I decided to create a distraction to help me thin out the zombies with my shotgun (and 200 shells). Seems like I distracted a bit too much?
  3. NormalBates

    Clearing the Mall

    Clearing out those 2000 zombie corpses is not something that I have patience for, fortunately disease from corpses is not implemented yet. If I have the energy, I will turn the entire mall into a sealed fort and if I do that, I'll post some screenies.
  4. NormalBates

    Best place to create a safehouse in Westpoint?

    I like Twiggy's. Right next to the gunshop, close but not too close to the centre and an ideal place to set up, if you intend to go to the mall later on.,0.11599163493611848,25.572841745945865
  5. NormalBates

    Clearing the Mall

    I just spent the last few days running around inside the mall yelling like a madman and I haven't found a single active zombie. There could be a few hiding in a toilet somewhere that I missed, but for all intents and purposes the mall is now clear. All in all there were around 2000 zombies in the mall, give or take a couple hundred. I've attached a few pictures from inside the mall.
  6. NormalBates

    Clearing the Mall

    I have also been clearing the mall, I roughly estimate that I have cleared about half of the mall. Like Mac, I made my base on the sw corner of the roof, but unlike Mac, I haven't walled off the cleared areas. Instead I have just killed as many zombies in a day that I could and then came back to sleep in my base.