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  1. I see what you're saying but even the best water guns have a short range and coming too close to a group of zombies just to spray 1 could make all of them notice you (kinda makes it worse then silent shouting) and I doubt that the watery mist would catch that zombies attention after the stream of water falls apart on longer distances, also it's worth mentioning that water guns hit the market in 1990 so 4 years later Kentuckey was no more. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, this was just a funny suggestion that you imagined and wanted to share, but I have to be honest, this would simply not work, it's very ineffective. If you need it here's a simple trick on how to do this without water guns. Find a group of zombies and approcah slowly to those that are turned towards you (without crouching), try to get attention of atleast 1-2, 3 is risky and 4-5 is even out of my comfort range, if you do it like this I believe that you won't ever think about water guns.
  2. Eh I don't know either, I threw it away since it weights 2kg+ it shoots weird splash JPEG image of water. It takes you 2 literal real life minutes to obtain 10 stones if you spawn near a zombie free foraging area and 24 real life hours to get a water gun that wastes a nice resource. I and most likely you, both know how pointless it would be, for zombies to hear you shooting a water gun you'd have to come behind their ear and they're more likely to notice a fly moving over their body then water. I once thought how cool would it be if pigs could fly, but the pigs just ended up partially levitating over a fire place with a metal rod all the way through them. Man I'm just joking with you, I can't imagine how cool and epic it would be to have an enitrelly useless thing in the game instead of the throwable rocks that could bait 1000 of zombies if you threw them at metal things!!! No no seriously now, get real, it's actually absurd and not a funny idea. I'm an experienced water gun veteran and this suggestion insults me (not really). Have you ever used a water gun?
  3. All of these are flamable liquids, but none of them are reliable like gasoline, kerosene burns like gasoline but you don't see kerosene stations all over the country like gas stations. Whiskey was and never will be flamable, but rather the ethanol that makes a decent percent of it (40%+), still strongest whiskey is around 68% ethanol so I wouldn't take the gamble to waste a bottle of fine whiskey on a most likely failure (still don't know how it's always succesful in-game but ok), you could boil acholholic drinks at 78C degrees to extract ethanol only but you'd need lots of chemistry equipment and improvising would most liekly result into lesser amounts of ethanol. Same goes for other liquids. It's a zombie apocalypse and you can't be picky also you don't have much choice, quality and amount counts so in any means gasoline is your friend in the apocalypse if you wants to set large amounts of Z on fire (realistically speaking).
  4. You can find a water gun in schools with Brita's Weapon Packs mod, I don't know if I've ever held a more useless thing than that and as a "ex-child" with countless hours of experience in water guns and PZ too I don't even know where to start on how useless and ineffective this would be you can just walk at the edge of the zombies sight and attract them one by one, the option to throw a stone (PZ's most useless item obtained through foraging) would be 1000 times better.
  5. Yes, definitely zombies flop from their backs on the face again in b41.56 it happend 3 days ago on my run and I was like hold up wasn't this fixed. Yeah it's intended so that you could escape, if you ran through 3-4 zombies you'd have fell and that's the downside to it. I don't know if canceling their animation was intended, but if you have 80+kg and you just started running on to someone I believe that you could gather enough kinetic energy to stop them at whatever they were doing and if it just happens that this person is a shambling dead with almost no brain activity it might be a bit easier. It may look weird from the isometric view + complete freedom of contorl over your character to just run around a zombie and press shift to stun him + it's a game so nothing's real, but if you're a normal person in that dangerous situation who realizes that life is precious you wouldn't be doing that would you?
  6. or table sugar is an item that in-game shows (with nutritionist trait) a calorie value of 387.0 which translates into 100g worth of sugar, but the itme has an overall weight value of 0.6kg and it's stored in a familiar sugar paper bag which can't weight more then 10g. The numbers are obviouslly very wrong and I don't' want to make a fuss about it, but it's too much, maybe not as extreme as when caps had a weight value of 1KG, now it's 100g or 0.1 (thankfully), point is giving sugar it's respective food and nutrition value to weight ratio would be a more realistic balance then having sugar just weight 100g, but leaving it at 0.6 with it's content worh 0.1 is even worse,I've never been to a store where ther was a package of sugar with 100g in it, but rather 1kg.
  7. I can see this as troubling for unexperienced players, but you can have runs well over 2 months before you get wounded with some experience in the game and this perk just gives you free points if that's the case, but could be bothersome and unworthy of 4-6 points for newbies.
  8. It sounds tempting, but I imagine it more like an extreme panic increasing factor when you see a zombie, sorta opposite of the current trait called desensitized, I could imagine it being added in two forms, one as a disability that give's you 10+ points, but you can barely deal any demage to zombies + max panic level at the sight of a zombie, the second form would be as a trait simply opposite of desensitized which gives 6-8 points where you're extremly panicked no matter what (beta blockers, surviving for some time has no effect etc.) when fighting 1 or more zombies this would be a decent demage debuff, but you would still be able to kill a decent amont of zombies, the way this current health system works now + Thanatophobia as you described it would be kinda ... uneven, holding 5 planks in your inventory would drop your hp just below 80 and make you always panicked and stressed, then again falling from a second floor leaves you at low hp and a deep wound/broken leg, and survivng some zombie lacerations + scratches could get you to 50% hp before you could patch them up, now this is where i could imagine this trait working properly, overall it could be added as a bad tait that gives 4-6 points, since it's essentially free points until/if you get hurt.
  9. These settings from time to time, default apocalypse, 6 months later, sprinters.
  10. Exacly, that makes 60% of the current problem with build 41, it's truly an amazing build, but these stunlocks are ridiculous and sometimes when a weapon glithches right through the zombie and his hitbox while he's lunging over the fence he can fck up your run in the blink of an eye, and you'll be asking yourself what just happend while holding your head in disbelief.
  11. Nope, I've got mods, but none of them are enabled/being used on this current save and version of the game is 41.55, but I've noticed that somehing's wrong since AAAA long time ago. Actually as I was playing I noticed that if you run into a falling zombie that you just pushed you'll collide with him mid animation and the zombie just stands up just before geting to ground, and they instantly attack, but they'll miss because you'll run past them, though this wasn't the case with those two zombies that I mentioned, the difference is that they both stood up randomly and instantly without me running into them, but note that this has never ever happend with a feeble and unfit character, and for the other bug well as the Marko1 said (in a way) if there's a door or a wall blocking the zombie from behind while you're shoving him it's more likely to happen (one push counts the other one gets ignored and you get wounded).
  12. I had a very nice start with a firefighter who had both traits to max out his fitness and strenght skills, but as expected combat bugs appeared (not the firsst time). First thing that happend was my attacking speed was faster then the zombies animation that heppens when you use "hands" as a weapon, basically the animation which zombies go through when you shove them, so the first time was successful but the other one went right true her just when she finished with the animation and she got a free scratch on me, then I killed her and went to read some skill books while it healed, and next time I engaged in a combat I killed 4 of them with a frying pan and then there were 2 left, a female and a male zombie, it took me a little bit longer to take them down because my panic level was off the charts, and when I did the first one to start falling was that female z and the moment I shoved the male zombie he started falling in one shot but she just teleported from a lying position to biting me and so did he while being airborn they did 2 lacerations and a bite on the neck. I bled to death like a stuck pig. It'd be nice if these bugs got looked into.
  13. Yeah and it's not something that I would call "balanced". I presume that it was a small-medium hord so you survived, but once 3 zombies chain you down into a big group you'll be holding your head in disbeliefe, happend to me more the you can imagine, six months later is more like six nopes later.
  14. You can't even turn left or right now, that crappy ouch animation has to end for you to be able to stop or even turn in any direction. It's worse then a bug and if it is by design then I'm not gonna be playing this game for much longer unless it changes.
  15. Hold alt and attack, this way you'll only attack the zombie on the ground, but be careful if you don't time it right the guy who's going to be up will be on you shortly afterwards. About other questions, well I'm not sure either what's going on with that lining and zombie hitboxes, it looks like devs are removing regular zombie characteristic and making them terminators so that you could die more easily. Personally i can't imagine anyone crawling over barbed wire or wooden fence without getting stuck especially fully clothed let alone gather enough kinetic energy to trip a 80-95-105kg man.
  16. Well I thought 3rd time's the charm but no you still don't get my point.
  17. Their sight has been broken since b41.51 if i remember correctly taking that trait inconspiciuous lowered your chances of being spotted (not anymore), now there are even some zombies out of the screen who can see you even when you're fully zoomed out, but you can't see them, this ruined the immersion and broke the whole sprinetrs mode, they could see you through the thickest fog at night time while having blindfolds on their eyes and you were sneaking, not cool. "and that is the worse thing about build 41 to me is the fact i could fight off 1000 zombies and die because two touched me and my player just accepts death" Ohhh god I'm geting goosebums, how cheap of a method this is to kill a player, he literally does accept death, just freezes there and lets them take chunks out of him.
  18. At first I saw this game as the most potential candidate for the worlds best zombie game (not joking) and that's even way back in B39 IWBUMS now it's B41 IWBUMS and it's probably at the end of it, from then to now every aspect of the game got enriched, but something seriously wrong appeared and it's making me ... ugh how do I say it, not hate this game, but I find it less appealing, maybe annoying too. Back in the b39 and 40 you weren't forced to die by some lame and cheap mehanics like ones that came in b41. Losing a player actually felt like my responsibility, made me guilty and with these deaths I menaged to learn from mistakes that I made which ended up with me improving my awarenes and survival skill and then geting runs longer then 8+ months which was very satisfying, even if the game had no end you felt like you've acomplished something big when you survived for that long. NOW even RNG is able to kill you solo by spawning 30 naked zombies in a public restoraunt bathroom? Or dying to a lunging zombie who's able to trip a grown man who can't even fall on his hands and knees so he could stand up quickly and escape but automatically falls on the ground on his back and turns 180 degrees mid air to be more prone to zombies that are coming from the back and stalls for some time in a life or death situation by lying there for a momen waiting to be done with daydreaming probably, and that's not it! Recently bumping into zombies got "reworked and rebalanced" so that you can't move left nor right when you bump into a singe zombie, but have to engage into a "ouch I bumped shoulders with a zombie" animation while moving at a running speed straight fowards into some other zombies who are gonna make you fall wheater you want it or not and then when you start standing up you're gonna stay in a weird stalling position for 1-2 seconds and maybe get a scratch on the leg that almost incapacitate you with -80% movement speed, ofcourse if you didn't get stunlocked to death by 2 zombies or insta killed by 3 zombies who dragged you down. How am I supposed to feel guilty for something that game forcefully did to me and I could just watch, let alone learn from this, well I did learn that one or more of the devs is/are a sadist, RNG is not predictable and good luck becasue 40% or more of PZ gameplay is based on it in B41. I'll admit b39-40 were a bit too much on the players side, but from that period when players could slide 360 degrees around and now no longer can, they've kept that mehanic for zombies and more. In general when you close your eyes and think about it you can see how much the game has changed from those builds to 41 and not in a good way, right now it's basically like you're controlling a bot 50% - 50% you do the manual work like walking, looting driving, drinking etc. to him doing everythign to kill himself. Here I am at the end writing this kinda accidentally exacly 2 years and 1 day after PZ B41 IWBUMS dopped for public trial, the point is PZ builds before and after 41 are two different games, before you had the freedom of not forcefully dying and when you did die it wasn't so hard to realize that it was your mistake and not those 30 naked public bathroom zombies fault who stunlocked you to death. Congratulations, you're at the end, sorry for having to put up with this block of letters, but making an opinio based off 2.800 hours of PZ playtime worth of over 3 builds of infermation on how it's making the game less appealing is not as easy as it may sound. I'd like to hear your opinion on this dear reader, but if you're a new player who only played b41 you should maybe keep that opinion to yourself please.
  19. I don't know, would you be "cleaning" your rags in a body of water where what used to be citizens of Kentucky are now just rotten bodies shambling at the bottom of it, would you really do that and at the same time find it hygienic?
  20. I'd like to change my name to "The Nine Tailed Fox" without the quotes please, thanks in advance.
  21. They're EMPTY now, I was able to find a single hand axe and 2 boxes of nails and the rest was hammers, saws, or glue etc. junk in River Side, I thought it was just bad RNG so i tried to start in West Point and loot that hardware store and when I did I noticed that it was even smaller and had worse loot then the one in River Side did, what happed? I have a save from not too long ago which has a hardware store packed with 2 machetes, some pickaxes and other rare-ish loot like miner helmets, but now it's a hand axe, a box of nails, few hammers, glue, 1-2 saws and copper wire. Worst of all this low loot store was locked and had an alarm...question is where did the loot go if the security was this tight? One mystery after another.
  22. Yeah you did misunderstand me, I doubt that you'll understand it if you've never experienced this before or have any previous knowledge on how player/zombie rotation worked before and after b41.
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