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  1. Since 3D items came it would be really nice and visually enchanting if charcoal spawned in bags like this one for example, instead of a 8kg handful of charcoal.
  3. Ummm guys a recent thing that was added was a button that forces your character to stomp, shoot and mele attack zombies on the ground, well as long as you aim at them (depens on what you have equiped) ALT is default for me and it's extremly useful, you can push down 2 zombies and when the 3rd zombie is coming close you can press ALT + LMB to kill one of the zombies on the ground and then quicky take down that 3rd zombie that would have otherwise made you do the showing animation, instead of stomping those zombies on the ground.
  4. Just like in the real life, sneaking barefooted should make you a bit more silent then while sneaking with shoes etc. on, right now sneaking on hard floor barefooted can get you a minor scratch on the feet and if you accidentally walk over glass shards it can cause a deep wound and slow you down a lot, both of them are already cool and dangerous hazards, but there should be a realistic benefit of walking barefoot like being a bit more silent. This is a simple suggestion based on real life. Pros of walking barefooted: become more silent Cons of walking barefooted: risk of minor or serious demage to feet - speed reduction from medium to large
  5. All three of them are tiny mods, it's most likely a glitch/bug since sowing menue just got added in 41.51-2
  6. 1st mod (combat text) gives hp bar over zombies 2nd mod (food expiration Date and Bar) basically you know when the food will rot if you're a cook (you have a rot bar), you get a 2 point trait for that if you are a lumberjack, park ranger etc. who can only assume when will the food rot by smell 3rd mod (minimal display bar) let's you know how bored, tired, depressed, hungry, thirsty etc. you are 4th mod RED BEER's Zombie Retexture mod (gives more decayed and visible textures to zombies as times goes on in the world). That's all of them, well all of them that I use in current games that is.
  7. Oh they're not related with MP team in any way, well then it's quite possible if that's the case, a rareish meta event that happens once in a while over large piles of corpses that make those fly noises as a balance so that they don't spawn on every second corpse, and it could come within build 42 with animals for visualized crows flying away, if it was a priority for that seperate team I think that they could get it done under a month, but let's face it atleast +70% of the players would like to visually witness the meta in b42.
  8. Oh yeah generators, but I think that rain barrels don't work I do remember right clicking on them and it gives me those options to wash myself, fill some bottles, but the sowing menue was still hanging on my cursor. Yes I have 4 mods that I use, but none of them cause errors and they are pretty small.
  9. I really don't expect devs to go so in-deapth for just another meta even wile there's much more important work to be done, if they decided to add this meta it would be probably 4-5 months later once the MP comes out.
  10. There's a trait called resiliant with a copper coloured spring that gives you maybe 4+ days and in total a whole week to being immune to the infection, but you still have to die and in sandbox you can make zombie infection extremly dangerous, but not lethal, if you feed your character and sleep enough you can pull through the fever otherwise you die, and then there's this mod that allows you to delay the early stage of the infection if you drink alcohol and to even cure it if you have proper medical ingredients (sry can't remember what's it called). In general what you want is already available through mods and vanilla.
  11. This is quite a bit exaggerated Kentucky's rarest bird is common raven but "American crows" are common, 6th most common bird throughout the year (all seasons) so they should be definitely there on the map, but they wouldn't be hiding in corpses and eating rotten flesh, crows would peck out the zombie eyes and eat the brain (realisticaly) so you'd definitely find a creepy sight if you came to some unburied corpses, and to have those crows get scared away by the player causing a loud meta event sounds very interesting, but it would kinda ruin the sneaking mehanics for someone who's able to kill thousands of zombies on default and it would get especially annoying for those who play the game on playing six months later or anything that has 1.0+ zombie population. So 30% of me is saying YES because it's cool and I dig the idea, but 70% of me is saying NO because it's going to be such a drag, clearing hunderds of zombies just for those crows to attract even more, if this got added WestPoint would be practically unplayable on default and without zombie spawn balancing the game would become Annoying Zomboid.
  12. I see what you mean, the sowing menue won't dissapear so easily, recently I got a farm set up and after planting some seeds the sowing menue got stuck on my cursor, i tried pressing ESC and right clicking on sinks etc. but it was in vain, then suddenly it dissapeared, i tried to figure out what does remove the menue, but since i heard that b41.54 is coming soonish I quit. In the end I do remember that this bug gave me some trouble by annoying me.
  13. I think that's a bug too, Yeah i realised that too with a TV, it was still draining additional fuel even if I turned off/picked up the TV I think it's a bug too, not a very dangerous or annoying one, but in a long run it could scrape a few gas cans.
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