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  1. Last time I played (Tuesday) everything was working like a dream. When I tried to boot up the game today, it wouldn't boot at all. No new mods or anything since I last played. After uninstalling the game through steam, deleting my system cache, and getting rid of all mod folders, unsubbing from mods on steam, etc. I was able to get the game to boot up - however the second I open the mods menu, the game shuts down. Same result when I try to open the mod menu through starting a new save - even with no mods installed - instant game shutdown/crash. I've clean installed the game about 4 times in the last hour and can't get the game to open the mod menu without instantly killing itself. Everything else runs perfectly fine. Can't seem to find anyone else having this problem, and I've officially used up every method of fixing the problem I can think of - including hitting it.
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