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  1. Changed ?friction? (Коэффициент сцепления) From 1.4 to 2.3 after REINSTALL After that car behavior changed. Most noticable are increased max speed and acceleration rate
  2. Tires friction DO change. And this stat drastically change acceleration and max speed
  3. Backwards acceleration is really strong. Insanely strong. Going to almost 30 mph on any terrair in 1 or 2 seconds
  4. Steps to reproduce: 1. Load a save or start a new game 2. Look at a tire's stats. 3. Remove this tire. 4. Install it once again. 5. Stats ARE buffed. This is removed with reloading. And seems like cars are much slower, then they were before without this operation for every tire. Each game reload...
  5. When I visit Rosewood autorepair station or FireDept. (And maybe any house with destroyed walls) indoor objects are invisible. If I exit the car - they render normally. Enter the car once again and they are invisible again... No mods or anything used. Game version 41.54 Steps to reproduce: (1 method) 1. Find a car. 2. Go to FireDept 3. Open gates from inside 4. Go through the gates on car. 5, Indoor objects are invisible, but you can collide with them 2-nd method. 1. Place a car inside FireDept building. 2. Enter this car. 3. No objects seen
  6. And a few extra questions: 7. Can we see amount of fuel left in a gass station pumps? 8. On a gas station there are 4 or 8 pumps (correct me if I'm wrong). Do EACH pump hold it's own fuel amount OR fuel is somehow distributed between All pumps/ 2 pump groups?
  7. I wanna try new gas stations mechanics, but I don't wanna mess my sandbox/save with wrong choises, so could you clarify the gas stations FUEL amount update? 1. I really like setting loot to low and RESPAWN. Will FUEL on gas stations also RESPAWN/refill? 2. And do you need to suck all gas for respawn or it will refill without that? 3. What are very low/low/normal/high/very high/full INITIAL GAS exact AMOUNTs in sandbox options? (In fuel cans) 4. Will there be separate option for fuel to refill/respawn (if it's respawning or not) ? 5. If I select EMPTY initial gas amount can gas stations be used as a gas manually refilled storage? 6. Will there be any gasoline alternatives for super-late game?
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