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  1. And a few extra questions: 7. Can we see amount of fuel left in a gass station pumps? 8. On a gas station there are 4 or 8 pumps (correct me if I'm wrong). Do EACH pump hold it's own fuel amount OR fuel is somehow distributed between All pumps/ 2 pump groups?
  2. I wanna try new gas stations mechanics, but I don't wanna mess my sandbox/save with wrong choises, so could you clarify the gas stations FUEL amount update? 1. I really like setting loot to low and RESPAWN. Will FUEL on gas stations also RESPAWN/refill? 2. And do you need to suck all gas for respawn or it will refill without that? 3. What are very low/low/normal/high/very high/full INITIAL GAS exact AMOUNTs in sandbox options? (In fuel cans) 4. Will there be separate option for fuel to refill/respawn (if it's respawning or not) ? 5. If I sel
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