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  1. so, well i guess the lack of response mean it's dead.
  2. Skill books doesn't follow a regular naming pattern which brakes the alphabetic ordering and make it hard to recognize which books are missing from your library. Current: Cooking for Beginners Cooking for Intermediates Advanced Cooking Expert Cooking Master Cooking Proposed: Cooking for Beginners Cooking for Intermediates Cooking for Advanced Cooking for Experts Cooking for Masters
  3. yeah this is the first thing i thought the first time i died from the infection and i still think i would be a cool mechanic to have a zombrex-like item very difficult to find that can extend your life after you have been infected. It would also give a lot more meaning to looting medical supplies, as right now after a couple of looting rounds you'll get more than enough medical supplies for any amount of gameplay.
  4. when you're on the stairs you can neither see the second floor. I think that was intended.
  5. This is a sandbox game pal, that's the beauty of it. Everyone plays in whatever they way they want. Some play completely hardcore with no info or mods. Some other just like to explore and build and even disable zombies entirely. Some use 50+ mods with tanks and miniguns.
  6. Well, the map is not in the game after all. You don't need to use it if you don't want to.
  7. yes, all locks have a chance to be broken while forcing them. Windows on walls and doors on cars can. Perks and professions like "burglar" reduces the chance of breaking locks. Once is broken, breaking the window is the only way.
  8. It would be very useful and probably simple enough to do, to add the same mechanic as "favorite" items to any container. This function would "bind" the item or item stack to the container, so you can't take them out until you "unfavorite" them (but you can still use them if you're in reach) What would be the purpose? For example i always leave some basic items on the trunk or glovebox of the cars (bandages, food, cigarettes, etc) and it would be great to keep them there as i always end up taking them out accidentally when i'm taking all the loot from the container.
  9. Thanks! Much needed hot-fixes. Bringing back the durability icon or some replacement would be nice too.
  10. the map project is dead? or TIS is maintaining it?
  11. Yes i think the same. The best alternative to the "innacurate" star is a small percentage. Accurate and simple enough to be implemented. No icons or anything fancy, just plain text.
  12. Does the helicopter come without a warning now? I checked the emergency broadcast twice a day with no "Air activity" detected and suddenly on day 8 the helicopter appear in the middle of a loot run. Bug? Feature?
  13. I cannot place water dispensers in backpacks, i can only hold them directly in my character. Is this a bug or a feature?(I have available space in my backpack) I re-read the changelog but i could found anything specific about it. My bad, i just found out the water dispensers now weight 30, instead of 5. Damn
  14. you cannot place curtains on doors now? I can only place them on other windows only.
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