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  1. Confirmed, works fine with TCL disabled. Thanks a lot
  2. Brilliant! Thanks for testing and confirming. Gonna try disabling TCL and replicate rn.
  3. Workshop pack link below https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2553372102
  4. No problems! Sadly no, got waaay to many mods going, will probably keep on trying by activating one mod at a time untill problem occurs again
  5. Summary: After 2 hours of testing w and w.o mods, I can confirm that it's the mods causing this bug. Will stay vanilla unmodded until mod updates
  6. Im using quite a lot of mods atm Will try disabling them and replicating
  7. As title says, unable to sleep more than once per game session. Restarting game allows me to sleep once more, then unable to sleep again until next restart.
  8. Anyone else got this wierd bug which won't let you sleep more than once? Slept through one night just as normal and now the dialogue box with yes/no wont show up when I try to sleep again thereby not allowing me to sleep... Bug or am I missing something?
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