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  1. Hi, I can confirm, still in 41.52, I had the issue with knife type weapons.
  2. Hey ! I've just tried the new 41.52 update to see if the issue was gone but it is still there. But this time I've realized the issue is happening only when in borderless windowed mode and only then. No issue no more when I tick the full screen option or if in windowed mode but not borderless. I feel like I've tried that in 41.51 but I can't tell for sure since I can't roll back to that particular build now to try if something changed between .51 and .52. I've reinstalled 41.50 to double check if I was not just blind before, but as expected, I have no issue on this one while in borderless windowed mode. So it's only in 41.51 and 41.52 that the VSync is not working while being in borderless windowed mode. At least I can avoid it now Bye
  3. Hi ! It seems like VSync is not working in the new 41.51 beta. It IS activated in the options. I have massive tearing/distortion, it's quite unpleasant. PS : On a side note, another thing that I've noticed so far (but this one is really not important), when I open the front trunk of a car, the key icon is flashing. Have a nice day !
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