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  1. What I mean is, I was running/jogging before when I was holding the run button with a ton of planks, but the moment I hit the sprint button the character slows down to walk. The patch notes indicated to me that even if you hold the sprint button you will still maintain your previous speed and not slowdown, but it's still forcing me to walk unless I let go of the sprint key.
  2. One of the recent patch notes states that holding the sprint button will now make the character run as fast as possible when overburdened but that doesn't seem to be the case, at least not on controller. On controller when holding the sprint button while overloaded on planks, the game just forces me to walk instead of jogging like I was before. I'm using 41.68
  3. For whatever reason the game will not allow you to wash clothes in a rainbarrel or river but will always let you wash your clothes in a sink.
  4. Strange, the issue is 100 percent repeatable for me on almost every building roof I could find. I even started a new game to just simply test throwing a Flametrap out a window and got the same result. System specs: RAM 32 GB 3200 mhz, Graphics card: RTX 2080 SUPER, CPU: 9900k. Hope you don't mind Media Fire: console.txt file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/nlv6qkt4niqlvn8/console.txt/file Crash backup save file generated from a test game attempting to throw a bomb out the window (Not the roof like I previously mentioned in my other saves): https://www.mediafire.com/file/nzn4jgix6nxwds2/15-07-2021_09-01-08_crash_crash.7z/file The crash stops you from actually spending the item so the file still has the Flametrap in my inventory, try throwing it out the window the character is facing. A few other details: I was using a controller to do this and not the keyboard and mouse and I was using a 1440p resolution. (Wouldn't think any of that would matter but I figured I should mention it). I must say I have been playing Project Zomboid the past few months and the game is REALLY stable overall and I have ran into little to no bugs and no crashes until now. So normally my experience with the game is butter smooth aside from some stuttering from long distance travel in cars.
  5. I noticed when throwing a bomb like a Molotov, Flame Trap or a Aerosol bomb from the tops of buildings the game will crash throwing you back out to the menu. The game will also generate a crash backup save. A red error message will display in the bottom right corner, error code 1. The specific building I had this happen on was on top of the "Mama Mcfudgeington's" building in downtown Rosewood. The point of interest I mentioned is labeled here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.3304595560081354,0.2816890293392594,486.176905713021 I was trying to throw a bomb down to the parking lot out back at a bunch of zombies, but what would happen instead was the game would freeze before the bomb was even thrown as the player drew their arm back in a throwing motion. Even reloading the game and trying again would yield the same results each time. I have replicated the issue on other buildings. This is in IWBUMS build 41.50. Using no mods.
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