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  1. Solved! sprite = imageFactory(70, 70, 15, 15, Texture.getSharedTexture("media/ui/spiffo4.png") ); function imageFactory(x, y, width, height, texture) local self = {}; --self.image = ISMovImage:new(x, y, width, height, texture); self.image = ISMovImage:new((getCore():getScreenWidth() * 0.5) - (width * 0.5), (getCore():getScreenHeight() * 0.5) - (height * 0.5), width, height, texture); self.image:initialise(); self.image:setAnchorBottom(true); self.image:setAnchorRight(true); --self.wrapper = self.image:wrapInCollapsableWindow(); --self.wrapper:s
  2. I've been trying to figure out how to display spiffo4.png on the hud, and I just can't figure it out. Here's the code I've been using for testing? require('ISUI/ISPanel'); require('ISUI/ISImage'); require('ISUI/ISCollapsableWindow'); UIImagePanel = {}; function UIImagePanel.new(x, y, width, height, texture) title = title or 'test' text = text or 'Bacon ipsum dolor amet strip steak drumstick shankle jerky frankfurter short loin sausage. Short loin hamburger landjaeger turducken. Pork belly bresaola pork drumstick picanha. Rump capicola pork chop ball tip pork loin.' l
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