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  1. I've disconnected and reconnected my headphones multiple times but my speakers are blown out so I just keep the volume off, probably why I never noticed sound when I connect my headphones elsewhere, tested it out just now and my internal speakers indeed play music from the main menu. And yep, my internal settings are definitely defaulting to headphones.
  2. These are my specifications, a little underpowered to play this game I know but not massively so, and like I said the crashes are mostly annoying, so I can power through it, and only happens in the main menu with no clear indications, so there isn't any interruption while playing., which is good. As for the sound, I can't really tell you if there's anything strange, my laptop settings are definitely connected to the right headphones, through bluetooth, and I know the game is supposed to be playing sound because whenever I use it I hear a low volumed pop every so often, and no there isn't anyth
  3. Thanks, fixed the problem of playing the game, it still crashes relatively frequently but it's more annoying than anything and it only happens when setting up a game. I now have the problem of sound, I still can't here anything in-game or in the main menu, I use headphones. Any clue what it is?
  4. Project Zomboid goes to black screen after loading, there's no music and the indie stone logo loads in but gets quickly cut to black screen. I can get the main menu to show up if I click continuously on the loading screen in specific period but it lucky turns to a black screen soon after showing the menu. I've tried compatibility mode and verifying my files, I'm also playing on Mac version 10.15.7. I've tried reading through the forums and found similar problems but when I try to fix it doesn't work. Also tried uninstalling and installing and I bought the game on steam today.
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