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  1. Fixed, just had to redo the tilesheets enterely, dunno why but i worked.
  2. asierus24

    Missing tiles

    Thanks @RingoD123 , how can i missed them
  3. asierus24

    Missing tiles

    Hello, im was looking for the sandbag tiles for my map and can't find them, i assume that they are here but they refuse to load: (picture below) i used the latest tiles here: anyone known where are the sandbags? or how to fix those tiles. thanks in advance.
  4. i had the same issue with some custom tiles i made, anyone found a solution? sorry the necro
  5. I made some custom tiles for my map, but they don't show ingame. i also made some signs and they work just fine in game but these new ones not, don't known why these don't load ingame. as you can see they work fine on editor but they don't load ingame but the others i made on the same pack file work just fine. i have added them to the .pack file following this tutorial: the first ones i added work just fine but the second tileset don't and i did the same process (they are not wall overlays as i stated on the pictures they are just tilesets.) maybe have something to do with the .tiles file? also i noticed that when i added some flood lamps from the vanilla lightning_outdoor_01 they also don't show thanks in advance.
  6. It's there a way to force a determinated type of vehicle like police on the parking stalls? im trying to do a checkpoint on the road and i need that cars that spawn are 100% police cars, i already tried naming the stall "police" but it spawns normal cars too. Also im having trouble to make game load some custom tiles used on the tilezed editor, the game loads the pack file but some the custom textures used don't show ingame, on the other hand, some custom tiles used on the map like custom road signs etc work just fine. all the custom textures/sprites/tiles work fine on the editor **I have made the.pack file placed it on the correct folder and referenced it on the mods file just in case anyone thinks not also the logs don't send any error related to my new tilesets as i fixed all of them** thanks in advance
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