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  1. This is my go-to build if im looking to be a 1 man army. Occupation: Lumberjack Negative Traits: Sunday Driver (i see this as a positive because i can floor it without crashing into a wall) Smoker Weak Stomach Prone to illness Slow Reader Hemophoic (the self healing panick one) Underweight Positive Traits: Stout Thick-Skinned Adrenaline Junky This build is literally for beasting zombies until you gotta dip. The negative traits won't bother you at all if you're maintaining yourself and the positiv
  2. I understand everyones POV, but i agree with the frustration a bit more and here's why. PZ as a single player game will not thrive, a large portion of the player base do not enjoy it alone. Right now as the devs have said, the game's player base is growing nicely but the interest of players will fade, thats a fact. The longer the MP build takes the more players that won't even launch the game again grows, another fact. The potential of games obviously depends on the financial success of them and at this rate, PZ B41 will die before its even born. I've seen a lot of fairl
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