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    playlessNamer reacted to Sedgwick in IWBUMS 41.51 released!   
    First thing I wanted to do was stress out the garbage collector and see how it works with the 'travel chug'. Anyone who's done a lot of driving in PZ knows that after you go a ways down the road, it starts to stutter and the game gets real choppy and freezes for a few seconds and the only remedy was to restart the game, which can get pretty frustrating when you only just started playing 15 minutes ago and go on a cross-country drive.

    I started an Apocalypse sandbox but with easy use vehicles so I could get on the road as quick as I could. Started in West Point and drove west towards the northern outskirts of Ekron, then further west to Scenic Grove, then beyond that to the gas station along the highway on the far west edge of the map.
    And while you still do get the 'travel chug' from driving a long distance, the garbage collector does its job and, without intervention, it would go away when it would do its cleanup. I didn't need to restart my game to get rid of stuttering or freezing, and was able to fight and do everything smoothly once I got there. So thank you, thank you, thank you! 41.51 remedies one of my biggest gripes and lets you keep playing without having to restart to fix long distance travel!
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    playlessNamer got a reaction from TrailerParkThor in Google maps on a smartphone   
    I have seen the minimapmod in several gameplays now, it seems overpowered because you see all the zombies as red points.
    But often when i am to far away from my home i can not find it anymore, pretty unrealistic because everyone has a smartphone. I would like to save my POI locations, be able to tell friends where i am by streetname or GPS.
    Handys are very easy to find in this szenario, nearly every zombie should have one. Nearly all with batterie down. Find a charge cable.
    Main suggestion is adding the minimap without op features like zombiedetection just for navigation.
    I think this is much content with just relative low effort to implement (from my noob sight at least).
    In the end its a must have because its absolute unrealistic to not have smartphones!
    At first this is for the minimap when the handy is equipped on the belt or secondary ...
    but when you think this further you can add more features to a smartphone.
    -a short range flashlight
    -distracting, put a ringtone on a throw it anywhere to lure zombies to it
    -any roleplay and chatfunctions. just share phonenumbers (just imagine GTA and GTA roleplay servers what the possible potential this have)
    -connecting to cars, hear music, get quests when you find writings on wall "join this chatgroup" or "call this number for xxx", resource W-LAN because 5G is no more, get some routers up, ...
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