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  1. Another update: I was reading the game logs and found something interesting: [15-06-21 18:19:05.415] LOG : General , 1623802745415> [javafmodJNI] Init: Start. [15-06-21 18:19:05.421] LOG : General , 1623802745420> Creating display. If this fails, you may need to install xrandr.. [15-06-21 18:19:05.424] LOG : General , 1623802745424> 1623802745424 fmod: Java loging: OK. [15-06-21 18:19:05.424] LOG : General , 1623802745424> 1623802745424 fmod: System Create: OK. [15-06-21 18:19:05.504] LOG : General , 1623802745504> 1623802745504 fmod:
  2. Since I had zero luck trying to fix it, I'll try to explain the issue in more detail: So this is the output of pactl info As of today, I'm running PipeWire 0.3.30 I've tried the solution proposed on the arch wiki, but still no luck. I've also tried verifying the game files through steam, even reinstalled once. Everything looks ok at this point, so let's open zomboid The volume levels are correct, but notice that there are no recording devices available, which is weird. And as you can see, both Firefox and S
  3. Been busy for the last couple of months, but here's a quick update: The sound issue persists. I assume it has something to do with pipewire, which is now a dependency for some programs, KDE (and soon Gnome) included, so I don't have a simple way to test my hypothesis.
  4. Hi. Tried a few of the solutions proposed in the Arch Wiki, but there's no sound still. I completely agree, it might have something to do with the system itself since the last time I played was around early march and everything was ok, but I don't know if PipeWire is the culprit here, might try disabling first to make sure.
  5. Hi, I've recently tried to play PZ after a couple of weeks, but there's no sound coming from the game and KDE doesn't show PZ as an audio source. From the game settings I noticed that the microphone option is empty. I think it might have something to do with PipeWire since it's the only thing (that I can think of) that is sound related that I installed/modified recently. Also tried the compatibility mode but there was no sound either. Seems to work with Proton, but there's a bit of a performance hit. Currently running Arch Linux with 5.11.15 kernel
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