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  1. Thank you for the help! I thought it was a map mod, so I got rid of all of them. Just got rid of all the mods and it worked. Thank you for helping a noob.
  2. When I start a game it lets me set it up, it starts to load and doesnt start the game and tells me to quit to desktop, then I get this error: Unexpected Error Occured: The following file may.... /Users/user/Zomboid/console.txt. I am playing on a Mac Mini M1. I loaded a few mods, couple of them being maps. I saw instruction here about deleting map files and revalidating the game. I dont know what any of that means. I deleted every file I could find, uninstalled the game, then reinstalled the game and I still cant get the game to start. Here is the .txt file. (Sor
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