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  1. thank you for at least trying to help me, but the old versions are not very interesting
  2. I recently bought it in steam so there should be no talk of a pirate
  3. Look, I made all these points, and still crashes, mods removed graphics reduced.
  4. the processor is intel core i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz 2.49 GHz, here are three of yesterday's game logs 16-04-21_17-05-31_DebugLog.txt 16-04-21_19-01-17_DebugLog.txt 16-04-21_19-17-41_DebugLog.txt
  5. the processor is intel core i5, RAM is 8 GB, but the video card is intel family hd. P.S.-sorry for taking so long.
  6. You can help, the problem is that when I launch the world or just sit in the menu, the game crashes without any error, I attach a text document with a command line. Thank you in advance if you help. P.S.-I play on piratka. Mistake PZ.txt
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