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  1. edit: what is responsible for interacting with a zombie corpse? I need to right-click on the zombie corpse, and the "skinned" button appears
  2. Tucking your pants into high shoes? Ankle boots, riding boots.
  3. Molodec


    well you get the idea
  4. Molodec


    Hi everyone! While playing the game, I noticed that there are no raincoats in the world that would protect from the rain. It would be great if the developers add a raincoat to the game. An example of such raincoats from different games: The Witcher 3; The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. UPD: An example of a poncho from the walking dead. It would be great to see it in the game.
  5. Hello everyone. I want to change the interface of the watch, but I can't find the file, can you tell me where it is?
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