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  1. I recently looked into PZ modding, particularly crafting recipes. Being familiar with how this works in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, I realize that the current design in PZ makes the life of modders pretty awkward, and I imagine it's even worse for whoever at Indie Stone that is working on items/recipes. I think it is best explained with an example: The recipe for "Slice Watermelon" is: Watermelon keep HuntingKnife/KitchenKnife/Saw/Axe So whenever another tool that should be able to slice watermelons is added, it has to be added to this recipe (and all other relevant recipes), which is very prone to error and causes a maintenance nightmare. For instance, the Stone axe was recently added to vanilla; perhaps it was intentional to not add it to the "Slice Watermelon" recipe (the stone edge is considered to dull compared to a metal axe edge?) but I still think it demonstrates my point (a decision had to be made for this specific recipe). And as for modding, none of the knives added by Hydrocraft (e.g. the copper knife you can forge yourself) can slice a melon; to make that happen Hydrocraft would have to override the vanilla "Slice watermelon" recipe, and then start tracking when the vanilla game updates that recipe to not lose out on the changes next time something sharp is added in vanilla (e.g. swords). These collisions also occur between mods, often requiring mod compatibility patches between every pair of mods messing with the same recipes. I think a system where tools have capabilities would be much more practical (and intuitive!). For instance we could have the following capabilities for various tools (some new): Kitchen knife: Cutting, Fine cutting, Drilling Hunting knife: Cutting, Fine cutting, Drilling Pocket knife: Cutting, Fine cutting, Drilling Butter knife: Cutting, Drilling Sharp stone: Cutting, Drilling Hand drill: Drilling, Fine drilling, Metal drilling Axe: Cutting, Chopping Stone axe: Cutting, Chopping And then "Slice watermelon" simply requires a tool with "Cutting" and that's it. Next time a tool with Cutting is added, it that tool can slice watermelons. Next time a recipe that requires Cutting is added, the tool is automatically usable in it. Modders and Indie Stone devs, rejoice! To make tools more interesting we could expand this system with modifiers that allow more differentiation: Kitchen knife: Cutting, Fine cutting (Bad), Drilling (Slow) Hunting knife: Cutting, Fine cutting (Slow), Drilling (Slow) Pocket knife: Cutting (Slow), Fine cutting, Drilling (Slow) Butter knife: Cutting (Slow), Drilling (Slow, Bad) Sharp stone: Cutting (Bad), Drilling (Slow, Bad) Hand drill: Drilling, Fine drilling, Metal drilling (Slow) Axe: Cutting (Bad), Chopping trees Stone axe: Cutting (Slow, Bad), Chopping trees (Slow) "Slow" means that if the tool is selected, crafting time is increased (perhaps it should be parameterized, e.g. "(Slow=50)" for "50% slower"), "Bad" means the result is of slightly lower quality (lower starting condition; more waste => less nutrition when preparing food). With the above capabilities slicing a watermelon with a butter knife is slower than when using a kitchen knife, and if we use an axe we'll waste a little bit of melon in the process because the axe head is awkward to cut with.
  2. I originally posted this and some additional ideas for improving the crafting UX on the (ignored?) Steam suggestions forum: tl;dr: It's hard to search for recipes, and in general to use the crafting UI to explore what is possible to craft, resulting in tons of immersion-breaking Alt+Tab to the wiki. We need a global recipe search. And ideally we should be able search among other things than just the recipe name, like components/tools, skills required, result (useful when recipe name and result differs) to be able to discover, in game, what is possible to do. Attached you find a patch that implements global recipe search by adding an All category; just select that category and use the filter to search among all recipes. Attached you'll also find a bonus patch that binds / to focus the filter entry. Focus-filter-entry-keyboard-shortcut.patch Add-All-category-to-enable-global-recipe-search.patch