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  1. How to apply .patch files?

  2. I totally agree with your sentiment, trombonaught! What if the chance for injury starts at 0% but increases with bad moodles like Tired, Panicked and Pain? It both seems quite realistic and will give players some control over the risks. At least when it comes to crafting/carpentry/metalworking and similar "controlled" activities. I think pure RNG still is fine for "fast" activities like running + jumping over fences, or running through thick forest, although the Nimble skill would help. And players still have control over the risk: don't want to risk it? Then stop running! In multiplayer (and when NPCs arrives) it would be cool if you can hit your friends (even if friendly fire is disabled!) by mistake if you are reckless and fighting too close to each other. With swinging weapons being way riskier than stabbing weapons.
  3. It would be nice if we could access the corresponding seat through an unlocked car door (e.g. standing next to an unlocked left rear door gives access to left rear seat). As long as a door is unlocked, why should it behave differently than a closet?
  4. FWIW this also happened to me recently. The server had tons of crafting (including Hydrocraft) and vehicle related mods enabled, but I believe nothing that modified traits or player stats. I will report back if I can reproduce the bug on a mod-less server.
  5. Great point! Could the fix be as simple as changing the Minor Injuries-moodle from "First Aid required" to "Rest to recover", and adding a new "Untended Wounds"-moodle (or "First Aid required"-moodle?) that pops up as soon as you actually have a wound that requires care?
  6. Lately I've played extensively with zombie infections disabled which has showcased how it is to be wounded in PZ. Note that I only play in multiplayer, with sleeping enabled (and needed) which possibly could be relevant below. Being wounded in PZ is pretty unrealistic: As long as you keep yourself bandaged and not starving, your HP will remain full all the time, so you are in a good condition (except pain). I've had something like seven wounds (not all scratches!) at the same time, and my only problem was pain. In reality I would also be weak and bedridden! Running around like I did should hurt me or at least prevent any recovery. Fevers are... weird. Let me tell a story: by mistake I climbed through a window with broken glass and got cut. No big deal! I couldn't disinfect but made sure to have it cleanly bandaged, and I ate a lot of food and went to bed (remember: this was in a multiplayer game with sleep enabled). The time started to fast-forward towards morning, but then I died in my sleep. Yeah, the wound got infected and then fever hit and killed me. Since then I've learned to always go to sleep with the health info showing, and to quickly abort if I see the HP drop and then go and have an absurd late-nigh feast to save my life. There's really no way to survive sleeping with a fresh wound (that might get infected) except to do this, which feels extremely unrealistic and silly. Also, it is too hard to get wounded and live to treat them! PZ has probably the best medical systems I've ever seen in a computer game, but you barely see any of it. This is especially true if zombie infections are enabled: most wounds you get will zombify you (since combat is the #1 source of wounds, by far, imho) so you barely get any interesting medical problems to deal with. Here's a list of changes I think would make all this much more interesting and realistic: A nice fix for [1] (referring to the numbered list above) would be to make each wound reduce your max HP. That already fits nicely into the current system since having several wounds will then cap your HP so it will be low enough to give you one of the Injured-moodles until you heal, so now being injured actually makes you weak and slow. The severity of the wound should determine how much it lower the max HP, but when combining several there should probably be "diminishing returns" and some minimum cap so it doesn't get completely out of control so several smallish injuries that don't add up to being critically injured. But a single extremely bad wound should be able to bring you down so low you get the Critical injuries-moodle. We can do the latter half of [1] by making it so that the Injured-moodles prevents healing or even hurt if you are too active: Minor Injuries: you don't heal while performing heavy activities (running, farming, melee, climbing, being overburdened, carpentry and similar) but you start healing as soon as you stop. Injured: heavy activities prevents healing for the next hour. Severe injuries: heavy activities hurt you slightly and prevent healing to the next time you rest/sleep; light activities (walking, foraging, crafting) prevents healing for the next hour. Critical injuries: heavy activities hurt you moderately, light activities hurt you slightly, and both prevent healing to the next time you rest/sleep. You are essentially limited to still activities (idling, sleep, rest, reading, medical, cooking; I'm sure some crafting could be considered "still" but a lot of it is definitely "light" (or even "heavy") so we would have to add a flag for it to all recipes) until you heal. For [2] I think fevers have to be reworked a bit (unless it's just that they are weird with multiplayer sleep). I think it would be more interesting if fevers lasted longer (a couple of days, getting worse and worse so the high point will be in the middle) but were less severe. The Sick-moodles could behave similar to what I propose for the Injured-moodles above, and that activity even accelerates the sickness to move towards the next level of moodle, and if you are getting better activity halts any improvements until you stop. In addition, I think the Sick-moodles should add a modifier (that increases with the level of the moodle) to all fatigue costs, so you get more easily tired. For [3] I think we need to make it easier to get hurt outside of combat. I would love to get: cut by the saw while doing carpentry (or cut when crafting a recipe using a something sharp) and luck out and get an infection that forces me on a quest to Cormen Medical for some antibiotics or else I die within a week. Non zombie-infections that require antibiotics should be a thing (but let's make it rare for the sake of playability). a facture when cutting a large tree and having it fall on me by mistake. a bunch of scratches when running like a fool through a thick forest. a burn when failing miserably with the blow torch. a lodged glass shard when I try to pick up a huge mirror but fail and break it. wounded when running and failing to jump over a fence. This I actually saw in one of the videos showcasing the new animation system. More of this, please!
  7. That would do the work as well, and in fact is how it works in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. Personally, as a player, I believe I would enjoy qualitative modifiers more than yet another number scale. Sounds cool! I'm not super sure it is worth implementing this, though, since it is an already solved problem. After all, it is not that hard to assign reasonable/good enough damage stats when designing a new weapon by just comparing it to similar, existing ones. But sure, when computers can support it (and if I still live!) I will of course prefer full physical simulation.
  8. I recently looked into PZ modding, particularly crafting recipes. Being familiar with how this works in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, I realize that the current design in PZ makes the life of modders pretty awkward, and I imagine it's even worse for whoever at Indie Stone that is working on items/recipes. I think it is best explained with an example: The recipe for "Slice Watermelon" is: Watermelon keep HuntingKnife/KitchenKnife/Saw/Axe So whenever another tool that should be able to slice watermelons is added, it has to be added to this recipe (and all other relevant recipes), which is very prone to error and causes a maintenance nightmare. For instance, the Stone axe was recently added to vanilla; perhaps it was intentional to not add it to the "Slice Watermelon" recipe (the stone edge is considered to dull compared to a metal axe edge?) but I still think it demonstrates my point (a decision had to be made for this specific recipe). And as for modding, none of the knives added by Hydrocraft (e.g. the copper knife you can forge yourself) can slice a melon; to make that happen Hydrocraft would have to override the vanilla "Slice watermelon" recipe, and then start tracking when the vanilla game updates that recipe to not lose out on the changes next time something sharp is added in vanilla (e.g. swords). These collisions also occur between mods, often requiring mod compatibility patches between every pair of mods messing with the same recipes. I think a system where tools have capabilities would be much more practical (and intuitive!). For instance we could have the following capabilities for various tools (some new): Kitchen knife: Cutting, Fine cutting, Drilling Hunting knife: Cutting, Fine cutting, Drilling Pocket knife: Cutting, Fine cutting, Drilling Butter knife: Cutting, Drilling Sharp stone: Cutting, Drilling Hand drill: Drilling, Fine drilling, Metal drilling Axe: Cutting, Chopping Stone axe: Cutting, Chopping And then "Slice watermelon" simply requires a tool with "Cutting" and that's it. Next time a tool with Cutting is added, it that tool can slice watermelons. Next time a recipe that requires Cutting is added, the tool is automatically usable in it. Modders and Indie Stone devs, rejoice! To make tools more interesting we could expand this system with modifiers that allow more differentiation: Kitchen knife: Cutting, Fine cutting (Bad), Drilling (Slow) Hunting knife: Cutting, Fine cutting (Slow), Drilling (Slow) Pocket knife: Cutting (Slow), Fine cutting, Drilling (Slow) Butter knife: Cutting (Slow), Drilling (Slow, Bad) Sharp stone: Cutting (Bad), Drilling (Slow, Bad) Hand drill: Drilling, Fine drilling, Metal drilling (Slow) Axe: Cutting (Bad), Chopping trees Stone axe: Cutting (Slow, Bad), Chopping trees (Slow) "Slow" means that if the tool is selected, crafting time is increased (perhaps it should be parameterized, e.g. "(Slow=50)" for "50% slower"), "Bad" means the result is of slightly lower quality (lower starting condition; more waste => less nutrition when preparing food). With the above capabilities slicing a watermelon with a butter knife is slower than when using a kitchen knife, and if we use an axe we'll waste a little bit of melon in the process because the axe head is awkward to cut with.
  9. I originally posted this and some additional ideas for improving the crafting UX on the (ignored?) Steam suggestions forum: https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/2/1743357605563279503/ tl;dr: It's hard to search for recipes, and in general to use the crafting UI to explore what is possible to craft, resulting in tons of immersion-breaking Alt+Tab to the wiki. We need a global recipe search. And ideally we should be able search among other things than just the recipe name, like components/tools, skills required, result (useful when recipe name and result differs) to be able to discover, in game, what is possible to do. Attached you find a patch that implements global recipe search by adding an All category; just select that category and use the filter to search among all recipes. Attached you'll also find a bonus patch that binds / to focus the filter entry. Focus-filter-entry-keyboard-shortcut.patch Add-All-category-to-enable-global-recipe-search.patch
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