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  1. After I reached a certain point in the Vanilla Sandbox, it becomes kind of boring. Since I got my endgame Gear, build a sustainable Base with generator running and Water supply, Bed, etc. I began decorating my house. I drove to other Cities because in Riverside where no building with certain floor titles and so on. But even after that time sink I just came up with kind of “boring” ToDos like: - Max out each skill tree - Build A Garage - ? That’s it. Nothing more to Do. In my Optionion the Game (Endgame) would be MUCH better if
  2. There is currently no way to remove / destroy a Metal Roof that is placed on the Ground
  3. Well, first off, i own a copie of PZ for so long and never dived into it too much, but recently i saw some streams and dived like 100 h into it, here are my takeaways. Generell Suggestions: There are so many good mods ( i actually never played them but nevertheless) - devs should consider adapt some of them in the main build (e.g. Silencer Mods for Weapons, Bagpacks with attachments, Military Vehicles, MIlitary Armor, Tanks, .....) Cars: I'm missing trucks for like "moving to another City" No way to effectivly remove car wracks (e.g. f
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