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  1. Okey so it seems to work! I have manage to get my character to move the “right” way. Is there any control scheme telling what function button 0,1,2,...,14 have?
  2. Thanks for checking the logs. I have done it the way you describe. It seems something happens when i,m entering the game. In steams big picture everything seems to be in order, and i guess thats confirmed since the controller works fine in other games. I have tried everything i can think of.
  3. I am sure the correct controller is checkboxed since its the only one there. I did the test and it seems to work. I don’t know if the up and down motion is correct since it only shows in the horizontal direction. Is right up and left down? I should have mention that I play on Mac, where do I found the log.zip?
  4. My friend and i tried coop, so we did setup a remote play. I use a stadia controller, it works perfekt in other games on steam. PZ also identifys it as a stadia controller in options/controls. But in game the character walks down when pressing up and the button layout is really crazy. Is it away to fix this? Its a really strange problem when i can play a bunch of other games with no problem.
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