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  1. From what I heard, the MP will be done when it's done.
  2. My personal favourite generalist for the longest time has been thus: Profession: Burglar - stealth is important, extra stealth exp is always welcome, also - you don't have to grind mechanics/electronics to hotwire cars, giving you nice access to all the mobility scooters ingame (pretty much "end game stuff") from the get-go, if you have the IQ and luck to gather some sweet, sweet gasoline (or be so lucky as to find a car with some drops left in it) btw. I heard it gives you better chance of unlocking locked windows (or even doors, though I'm not sure, pretty welcome either way) Negati
  3. Hiya guys. Just sayin' - you dev people are the best. One thing you should do more often, is keeping up with your subreddit (or get someone to do it for you). Some madlad managed to survive more than 10 in-game years. Shocking, I know. This it. Keep on rockin'
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